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The Maid (La nana)

Raquel has been the live-in housekeeper for a kind, reasonably wealthy family for half her life, and the joyless repetition of the job has begun to take its toll. Increasingly dependent on painkillers, Raquel resorts to pranks and childish avoidance to antagonize the family’s college-age daughter and a procession of new servants, all in the hopes of protecting her precarious power within the home. Her antics successfully push everyone away, until new maid Lucy actually pushes back.

Old Cats

Isidora, an old woman, discovers that her mind is quickly deteriorating. At an apparently relaxed dinner table, she will desperately try to hide her state from her daughter, a demanding woman who awaits any sign of senility in order to take way everything she has

The Passion of Michelangelo

Chile, September 1983. Popular demonstrations threaten Pinochet’s regime for the first time. In the small, rural village of Peñablanca, a boy named Miguel Angel says he can see and talk to the Virgin Mary. Within a few days, thousands of people gather to witness the ‘apparitions’, and it captures the media’s attention. The Church suspects a fraud and sends a priest to investigate.