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After Love

After 15 years of living together, Marie and Boris decide to get a divorce. Marie had bought the house in which they live with their two daughters, but it was Boris who had completely renovated it. Since he cannot afford to find another place to live, they must continue to share it. When all is said and done, neither of the two is willing to give up. [Synopsis courtesy of Directors’ Fortnight]


Alex is twenty-seven years old. He sells shit and lives in the shadow of his brother Isaac, which after its support has become his burden. So when his cousin told him he opened a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Alex imagines finally get to change lives. Determined from Alex must therefore find the money and make Aliyah. But he will also leave everything: he loves Paris, Esther his former love, Mathias and his lifelong friend Jeanne he just met. Seized between Aliyah, selling drugs, his loves and a brother complex destructive, Alex must find her way. [Synopsis courtesy of Allocine -translated from French]

The Anarchists

Paris 1899. Corporal Jean Albertini, an orphan of humble origins, is chosen to infiltrate a band of anarchists. For him, it’s a chance to move up the ranks. But forced to compromise without respite, Jean is increasingly divided. On one hand, he delivers incriminating intelligence reports to his superior, Gaspar. On the other, he feels himself developing genuine feelings for the anarchists. [Synopsis courtesy of Cannes Film Festival]