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El Condor Pasa

Director Jeon Soo-il’s El Condor Pasa is a human drama concerned to temptation and introspection. A Catholic priest gets involved the death of a low-teenaged girl whom he has cherished like a family member of his own and thus leads himself into the physical and spiritual ordeals. Those who are familiar with the director’s previous pieces might be much surprised at a series of dramatic reversals. Director Jeon used to show a tendency to mainly focus on inner description of the characters but in El Condor Pasa, he pays deep attention to storytelling as well. The priest meets the elder sister of the dead girl and leads himself to finally have an affair d’amour, and in their sexual intercourse, they are secular and spiritual simultaneously. And in their sexual intercourse, secular and sacred. Bae Jung-hwa (the sister) and Cho Jae-hyun (the priest) act glaring sex scenes which differentiate themselves from the conventions. The scenary and the sounds of Peru, set as a background of the last part, may linger in mind long, along with the last question the priest casts. [Synopsis courtesy of Busan International Film Festival]


Consumed with hatred against her husband for his long time infidelity, the wife wants to take revenge against him but ends up inflicting a fatal wound to the son, and then disappears overwhelmed with guilt. For the son, who has become miserable because of him, the father tries, only to realize that it is not recoverable, so he cuts off his manhood which is the source of all this misery and dedicates himself entirely to his son. As a result, the wound somewhat heals, but when the wife returns home one day the family is driven towards a more horrific destruction. [Synopsis courtesy of Venice Film Festival]