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Left by his wife, broody and foul-mouthed fifth-grade teacher Ethan Collins has no partner, no writing prospects, and no control over his students—but the one thing he does have is tenure. Knowing he can’t be fired by his nemesis, Assistant Principal Gruber, Ethan decides to channel his life’s frustrations into the annual school play. He casts his 10-year-old students in an autobiographical, totally age-inappropriate opus, in the hopes that the last-ditch effort will save his failing marriage. Will this be his greatest accomplishment or his most misguided lesson to date? [Synopsis courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival]

The Secret Lives of Dorks

In The Secret Lives of Dorks, Payton (Gaelan Connell) is a pathetic dork, a comic book geek whose high school career is one hopeless faux pas after another. Yet he’s a dreamer and madly in love with the head cheerleader Carrie (Riley Voelkel), who he is determined to win over. But she is wise to his desperate advances, so to get off his radar she creates a plan to push him into the arms of a dorkette at the school, Samantha (Vanessa Marano).