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Carmo, Hit The Road

Marco is a lonely handicapped Spanish smuggler, driving through Brazil to sell out his cheap goods. When two bandits assault him and steal his load, he is miraculously saved by Carmo, a beautiful local girl who would rather die than spend another day in the hellhole where she lives. Carmo and Marco will start a lawless, reckless journey, and an intense romance through a breathtaking South American border landscape.

Salt (Sal)

Argentinean director Diego Rougier sets his dark Western thriller in Chile’s Atacama Desert, a vast, lawless landscape where drug lords rule. Obsessed with creating an authentic movie script, aspiring Spanish writer Sergio (Fele Martinez) plunks himself down in the middle of this inhospitable territory. His quest for real experience is answered with terrifying confrontations with the local drug lord, Victor (Sergio Hernandez), and his gang of menacing henchmen. Unfortunately for Sergio, he is mistaken for Diego, a heroic gunslinger who disappeared years ago without Victor’s consent. [Synopsis courtesy of Denver Film Society]

Talk to Her

Director Pedro Almodóvar tells a story of loneliness, intimacy, secrets, infidelity and the difficulty of communication between sexes. Typical of the Spanish director, Almodóvar puts the women in the middle of the action, however, it’s a male correlation that arises from the story.