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The Student and Mr. Henri

Bitterly opposed to the relationship between his son Paul and the flighty Valérie, Henri strikes upon a devious plan. He offers free board to attractive student Constance, who, desperate to make her own way, agrees to use her charms to drive the couple apart.

Tel père telle fille

A 30 ans, Bruno, rock-star has been, vit toujours aux crochets de sa petite amie. Les temps sont durs… surtout quand une ex ressurgit de nulle part pour lui apprendre qu’il est le père de Nancy, 13 ans, dont il n’a jamais soupçonné l’existence.

Hôtel Normandy

At 40, Alice has everything a woman of her age could want – everything except one vital accessory: a man. Since her husband was killed in a road accident a few years ago, she has resisted all attempts to start a relationship with another man, despite the best efforts of her closest friends Pénélope and Isabelle. As a last resort, the latter decide to offer Alice a stay at the Hôtel Normandy, the ideal place for her to turn over a new leaf…