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Gillian Anderson

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    Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy & Gillian Anderson Star In 'Mr. Morgan's Last Love'

    It looks like Michael Caine is taking some time between helping out Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises" and hanging with magicians in "Now You See Me" to soak up some French culture.

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    Ray Winstone & Gillian Anderson To Star In Sexed-Up 'Great Expectations' For Brit TV

    A zeitgeisty role like Agent Dana Scully may cast a long shadow, but Gillian Anderson seems determined not to have the first line of her obituary read “that redheaded gal off 'The X-Files.'" Lurching in recent years between respectable British TV costume dramas and mirthless crime fare (“Straightheads” won’t be one to tell the grandkids about), Anderson is now in talks to take the most iconic role in a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel “Great Expectations” as Miss Haversham, alongside eternal Cockney bruiser Ray Winstone as the novel's duplicitous Magwitch. Like everything else nowadays, though, don’t expect this to be your mot...

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