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The Wait (2015)

As a house descends into mourning, mirrors draped in black crepe, a young French woman arrives from the mainland by ferry, blissfully unaware of the events that are about to take over her life. Jeanne (Lou de Laâge) is the girlfriend of the son of the family matriarch, Anna (Juliette Binoche), who has never met Jeanne and is surprised by her visit. Anna’s son, Giuseppe, is not there; Jeanne calls his cellphone and leaves numerous messages. As Anna and Jeanne await Giuseppe’s arrival, they slowly begin to form a friendship. Jeanne, confused and a little mystified at first, gradually gives in to the charms of the island. She swims in the sea and makes friends, while Anna, watched over by a long-time family friend, grows closer to this unexpected guest. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]


Seventeen-year-old Jenny lives in Ostia, a seaside town near Rome, and dreams of being a synchronized swimmer. But after her mother’s death and her father’s ensuing nervous breakdown, her family is forced to relocate to a remote mountain village, where Jenny drops out of school to work as a maid at a nearby ski resort and to support her younger brother. Sneaking into the hotel pool, she clings to some semblance of her dream, but with her father showing no sign of recovery, Jenny’s “temporary” circumstances appear increasingly permanent. [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance Film Festival]