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Lord Byron

Byron has always been a lover of women. He’s a romantic, and he loves all of his girlfriends the same way—totally and completely. But recently he’s been lost in some heavy thoughts about big things like love and God, and he’s growing restless in middle age. When a TV preacher suggests he retreat from the chaos of the world, Byron escapes his town to start a spiritual journey of the fantastic kind.

In this deadpan Greek tragedy, set on the Gulf shores, a cast of bizarre, comedic characters, led by newcomer Paul Batiste, pursue uncommon dreams and missions of their own making. Director Zack Godshall (“Low and Behold”) returns to the Sundance Film Festival to share a world seen through the bloodshot eyes of Byron, a quixotic philosopher/poet and bayou Don Juan who seeks spiritual fulfillment by any means possible. [Synopsis courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival]