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Después de Lucía

Alejandra and her dad Roberto have just moved to town. She is new at school, he has a new job. Starting over is sometimes complicated when you have left so much behind.

The Incident (El Incidente)

A pair of brothers are confronted by a policeman in their apartment. A violent struggle ensues. The fight continues into a stairwell. When they attempt to exit, they find that the staircase has turned into an infinitely repeating corridor from which they cannot escape. During the same time frame, a family leaves home for a vacation. They travel down a familiar road towards their destination. As time passes, the stretch of road and the surrounding desert begin to repeat. Like their counterparts in the stairwell, they are also stuck in a loop.

Gang Family

A senior official of the Mexican political system decides to fake the capture and death of The Coyote, public enemy number one in Mexico, to make this happen, he cuts a deal with his family, who require a dead body to pose as a double. Topillero is responsible of executing the plan. But on this journey he is reunited with his wife and son, whom he abandoned years ago.