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The Final Master

In award-winning director Xu Haofeng’s film adaptation of his acclaimed short story, The Final Master, the last torchbearer of Wing-Chun seeking to pass down his art is caught in a power struggle with local officials and must choose between what is right and what is expected in order to fulfill his destiny.

Only You

Fang Yuan is a veterinarian about to be married only to have her wedding marred by uncertainty; as a youth, she was told by separate fortune tellers that her true love would be named Song Kunming. And as the momentous occasion approaches she receives a call from her soon-to-be-husband’s high school friend, named Song Kunming, which forces her to investigate. Is this new man destined to be the love of her life? Or is she throwing away her current level of comfort and happiness with her fiancé Xie Wei by following the words of strangers?

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Northern China, 1999. The grisly discovery of several corpses is made in a small town. A bloody incident during the attempt to capture the alleged murderer leaves two police officers dead and another badly injured. The surviving officer Zhang Zili is suspended from duty; he takes a job as a security guard at a factory. Five years later, another series of mysterious murders occurs. Aided by a former colleague, Zhang decides to investigate under his own initiative. He discovers that all the victims were connected to Wu Zhizhen, a young woman who works at a dry cleaners. Pretending to be a customer, Zhang begins to observe her and finds himself falling in love with the reticent Wu Zhizhen. One cold winter’s day he makes a horrific discovery. His life now in danger, he realises it is not always possible to separate guilt from innocence. [Synopsis courtesy of Berlinale]

Chinese Zodiac

Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) leads a mercenary team to recover several lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace, the bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which were sacked by the French and British armies from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860. Assisted by a Chinese student and a Parisian lady, Hawk stops at nothing to accomplish the mission.