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Jules and Dolores

Rio de Janeiro, 1983. In order to pay off his gambling debts and to please the beautiful love of his life, Dolores, fun-loving Peralta and his happy-go-lucky buddy Borracha decide to steal the golden replica of the legendary Jules Rimet soccer world cup trophy. Too bad they heist the original trophy, which puts the entire country on the alert. “Jules and Dolores” tell us the real preposterous and unusual story behind this theft. [Synopsis courtesy of SXSW]

Lula, the son of Brazil

The true story of a working class boy who moves to the nation’s financial capital at a young age and becomes one the most influential politician in Brazil’s history.

A Wolf at the Door

A child is kidnapped. At the police station, Sylvia and Bernardo, the victim’s parents, and Rosa, the main suspect and Bernardo’s lover, give contradictory evidence which will take audiences to the gloomiest corners of desires, lies, needs and wickedness in the relationship of these three characters.