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Rigorously trained from an early age by a perfectionist instructor, Polina (Anastasia Shevtsova) is a promising classical ballet dancer. She is just about to join the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet when she discovers contemporary dance, a revelation that throws everything into question on a profound level. Diverting from her plan, she leaves all her exacting preparation […]


The story of three close friends who are involved in a love-triangle. [Synopsis provided by imdb]

Atomic Age

Two young boys, Victor and Rainer, take the commuter train to spend the evening in Paris. In a nightclub on the banks of the Seine they go from one disappointment to another, from failed chat ups to street brawls. But as they get carried away by the night, they leave the city for the forest. In the silence of the moonlight nature, the desire between the two friends becomes increasingly vibrant. A new day is born from their friendship.

Dark Inclusion

Featuring menacing tracking shots; a cool, metallic color palette; surprising third-act reversals; and a terrific ensemble cast, Arthur Harari’s first feature is a poised, stylish, and utterly assured revenge thriller in which, following his estranged father’s death, a man vows vengeance against his relatives who had abandoned him and returns to the family diamond business with an elaborate robbery in mind.

Voice Over

Sofia, 35, lives in Valdivia. She’s beautiful and vegan. She has two kids she loves, but still everything seems to go wrong. In need of peace since her recent separation from her husband, she decides to take a reversed veil of silence: no more cellphone, tv, internet or reading for a year. But peace doesn’t occur. Following her example, her father leaves her mother. Her nasty sister comes back to Chile. Her kids become obsessed by meat. And Sofia discovers a disturbing secret about her dad. [Synopsis courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival]

Gemma Bovery

Martin, an ex-Parisian well-heeled hipster passionate about Gustave Flaubert who settled into a Norman village as a baker, sees an English couple moving into a small farm nearby. Not only are the names of the new arrivals Gemma and Charles Bovery, but their behaviour also seems to be inspired by Flaubert’s heroes. [Synopsis courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival]

Quantum Love

Like two particles that pass in multi-dimensional space, the course of Elsa and Pierre’s lives are changed by a chance encounter at a book fair. A flirtatious glance, senses set on edge, the electric charge of first contact as a lighter changes hands, the excitement of fresh possibilities, perhaps a second meeting. But Pierre, played by François Cluzet in his first romantic role, stops the potential physical superposition cold. After all, he is a faithfully married father of two. Then a second chance encounter makes it harder to ignore the possibilities presented by their easy, mutual attraction. But Elsa has a rule, a taboo even, about married men, and again their potential romantic entanglement is cut off without an exchange of coordinates. As they go about their lives, however, those possibilities start to impose themselves – in ways they would never have imagined. [Synopsis courtesy of COLCOA]

You and the Night

Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen.