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When three student filmmakers venture into the remote forests of Norway to make a documentary about illegal bear poaching, all signs point to Hans as the guilty party. A grizzled behemoth of a man, he refuses to give the students the time of day, so, eager to get their story, they decide to follow him. They soon learn that Hans isn’t a poacher at all; he is an off-the-books government operative burdened with the task of protecting an unsuspecting public from the gargantuan terrors that lurk in the dark and desolate woods. For centuries, unsuspecting Norwegians have assumed trolls are nothing more than myth and legend, but as Hans grows older and wearier of his role as sentinel, he is eager to blow the lid off the whole operation.
An incredibly fresh and original entry into the found footage genre, The Troll Hunter is a raucous thrill ride with eye-popping visual effects that will have you convinced that giant trolls really do exist. [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance Institute]