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World War Z

Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease. What follows is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls.

Night at the Museum

Chaos reigns at the natural history museum when night watchman Larry Daley accidentally stirs up an ancient curse, awakening Attila the Hun, an army of gladiators, a Tyrannosaurus rex and other exhibits. Larry tries desperately to keep the museum under control, but he’s fighting a losing battle until President Teddy Roosevelt comes to the rescue.

Senza Nessuna Pietà

Mimmo is a mob enforcer, the guy the boss sends out on dirty jobs when the money needs to be collected. He’s a loyal soldier who keeps his head down, something that’s getting increasingly difficult to do with the boss’s son, Manuel, a serial womanizer, growing too big for his boots. When things turn ugly during Manuel’s “date” with an escort Mimmo was sent to pick up, Mimmo snaps. His attempt to escape retribution, all the while protecting a woman he doesn’t even know, provides the emotional landscape for Alhaique’s compassionate portrait of people working and living on the fringes of society. [Synopsis courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival]


A biography of Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life. Mere weeks after the accident, he got behind the wheel to challenge his rival, James Hunt.