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La noche de enfrente

A drama centered on an office worker on the verge of retirement who begins to relive both real and imagined memories.


The film is starred by Gloria (Paulina Garcia), a 58 year-old woman who still feels young. To fill the void of her daily life, her loneliness has become a night party, looking for love in dance parties for single adults, if only to get lost in a series of meaningless adventures. The fragile happiness she lives in suddenly changes when she meets Rudolph, a 65 year-old man, recently separated. This explosive passion, to which Gloria is completely devoted, perhaps sensing it could be the last, will make her eventually crash into reality. Gloria will re invent and find new strength to understand that, despite everything, life can always start anew.

Dog Flesh

Carne de Perro deals with a complex period in the life of Alejandro (55), a solitary, fragile and unpredictable man who is crushed by the hostility of his mysterious past.

Salt (Sal)

Argentinean director Diego Rougier sets his dark Western thriller in Chile’s Atacama Desert, a vast, lawless landscape where drug lords rule. Obsessed with creating an authentic movie script, aspiring Spanish writer Sergio (Fele Martinez) plunks himself down in the middle of this inhospitable territory. His quest for real experience is answered with terrifying confrontations with the local drug lord, Victor (Sergio Hernandez), and his gang of menacing henchmen. Unfortunately for Sergio, he is mistaken for Diego, a heroic gunslinger who disappeared years ago without Victor’s consent. [Synopsis courtesy of Denver Film Society]