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Anna Karenina

Trapped in a loveless marriage, aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.

Road, Movie

Sweeping across India’s vast landscapes with projectors in tow, Road, Movie embraces two of cinema’s greatest pleasures – the open road and the love of movies for their own glorious sake. Powered by the same desire to venture into unknown territory that inspires so many road stories, Dev Benegal’s new feature has the distinct advantage of terrain and characters too rarely seen onscreen.

Young and passionate but without direction, Vishnu (Abhay Deol) runs the risk of falling into the family business. Unfortunately, his family sells a hair oil he finds distinctly embarrassing, especially as he watches his father hawk the Atma Hair Potion to vendors with humiliating enthusiasm.

And so Vishnu hits the road, finding a battered old truck as if by fate. Years ago it must have been a spectacular vehicle, ferrying projectors and an eclectic collection of films from village to town across Rajasthan. Now it barely sputters to life. But Vishnu, driven by wanderlust and a need to escape his fate back home, coaxes the green rattletrap along the highway, picking up passengers as he goes – a young runaway, a garrulous entertainer, a beautiful woman and, of course, a few corrupt villains. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]

Angry Indian Goddesses

On the eve of their friend’s wedding in Goa, a group of women discuss everything under the sun — from their careers, sex lives, and secrets to nosy neighbours and street harassment. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]


In a rural Indian village, four ordinary women begin to throw off the traditions that hold them in servitude. [Synopsis courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival]


Social Service officer Lakshman Joshi, played by Adil Hussain (Life of Pi) is led on a chase through the dark gutters and rain-soaked back alleys of Mumbai by a shadowy figure. His pursuit leads him to Paradise, a seedy nightclub seemingly at the center of the kidnapping ring he is investigating. Joshi’s hunt brings back memories of his own kidnapped daughter, and as his investigation pushes forward his past and present reality begin to converge.

Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

Set in December 1984, BHOPAL: A PRAYER FOR RAIN is based on true events when a devastating pesticide leak in Madhya Pradesh, central India, killed thousands of people.

Dilip, a rickshaw driver in Bhopal, India, lands himself a job at the Union Carbide plant. It is a chance to prove his worth to his family and pull them out of poverty. The job is tough with long hours; everyone is desperate to hold on to their pay cheque and so Dilip keeps quiet when he notices managers at the plant ignoring safety standards.

Dilip’s long time friend, Motwani, a tabloid journalist knows that Bhopal residents complain of the constant stench in the air and wake up at night choking from the gas. He is on a mission to expose what he believes is a deadly time bomb ticking away in his home town. He feels as if no one will listen but when he meets feisty American journalist, Eva, he sees a ray of hope and persuades her to confront Carbide executive Warren Anderson.


A chain-wallah from Delhi travels across India in search of his missing son, in the hopes that whoever took him, returns him unharmed.