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Goodbye First Love

It’s Spring 1999 and Camille, 15, and Sullivan, 19, love each other passionately. Following the progression of this young, first love, the affair evolves from initial rapture to heartbreak as Sullivan decides he wants to travel the world before settling down. Driven to despair, Camille suffers deep emotional turmoil and must learn to deal with his absence. [Synopsis courtesy of TIFF]


Roman Faubert is a germ-obsessed hyper-hypochondriac whose medical bills could probably fund a small country. On top of that, he has what might be the worst possible job for someone with his condition: photographing case studies for an online medical encyclopedia. If Romain ever had many friends they long ago lost patience with his obsessive self-medicating and fussing over diseases no one has ever heard of. Only Dr. Zvenska has stayed by his side, mostly out of sheer exhaustion. Zvenska, desperate to rid himself of this most pesky patient, diagnoses Romain with a chronic case of acute loneliness, and promises to help him find a soulmate through online dating. Of course, Romain sets his sights on someone a little closer to home, and completely out of his league. [Synopsis courtesy of COLCOA]