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William Forsythe

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    First Images From 'Raging Bull II' Confirm Sequel's Existence; William Forsythe Says It Will Have "More Heart"

    In a world where Robert De Niro increasingly shares more screen time with 50 Cent than any other actor throughout his career, the idea that a “Raging Bull” sequel is lensing now in Los Angeles is sadly not too shocking. However, cause for alarm clearly shows when neither de Niro nor Mart...

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    'Raging Bull 2,' Starring William Forsythe, Announced; Will Anyone Care?

    So far, for all the sequel mania that's swept Hollywood, the films of Martin Scorsese remain untouched. Sure, you could perhaps argue that "Casino" is a follow-up to "Goodfellas," in spirit rather than in content, but we've so far been spared "Cape Fear 2: Max Takes ...

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