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The Last Friday

Faced with the large and small absurdities of life, Youssef (Ali Suliman, Paradise Now, Lemon Tree) just can’t catch a break. His pretty wife has left him and is about to remarry. His son is doing badly in school and steals money from his wallet. He’s lost his house and been demoted at work due to a poker habit run amok. Struggling to make ends meet, he’s reduced to stealing his neighbor’s electricity. Still, he manages to take it all more or less in stride. But one day, troubling symptoms send him to the doctor, where he learns that he must have an operation by week’s end–and figure out how to pay for it—or else it may be…The Last Friday. Set in the contemporary Amman, this first feature from Jordanian writer-director Yahya Al Abdallah exerts a subtle charm with its understated black humor and stylish minimalism, plus an award-winning soundtrack by Le Trio Joubran.