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Still Walking

Every summer, the Yokoyama clan gathers at the family’s seaside home to commemorate beloved eldest son Junpei, who drowned 15 years earlier. Surviving son Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) has brought his new wife and her child to meet with his eternally disapproving parents, attempting to hide the fact that he is currently unemployed. Patriarch Kyohei (Yoshio Harada) is an unhappily retired doctor, resentful to be participating in this annual ritual. Matriarch Toshiko (Kirin Kiki) busies herself with food preparation and chitchat in an attempt to hide her frustrations and anger, while sister Chinami (Japanese pop star You) tries to relieve the tension with sheer perkiness. Over the course of one hot, languorous day, they will tolerate each other’s company and attempt to salvage long-broken connections, if only for a few hours.

Nobody Knows

In Tokyo, the reckless single mother Keiko moves to a small apartment with her twelve years old son Akira Fukushima and hidden in the luggage, his siblings Kyoko, Shigeru and Yuki. The children have different fathers and do not have schooling, but they have a happy life with their mother. When Keiko finds a new boyfriend, she leaves the children alone, giving some money to Akira and assigning him to take care of his siblings. When the money finishes, Akira manages to find means to survive with the youngsters without power supply, gas or water at home, and with the landlord asking for the rental.