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"Let's Not Panic"

Tweetable Logline:

An Apocalyptic Short Comedy About Love and Neuroses

Elevator Pitch:

When an asteroid threatens to hit New York, Sadie, a neurotic and anxious 20-something, embarks on a quest from Brooklyn to Manhattan to reunite with her therapist, who she is in love with. She believes they can finally be together in a post-apocalyptic world since the rules keeping them apart will cease to exist. Along the way, Sadie accrues a small group of other neurotic evacuees. As the group adapts to their new survival needs, Sadie emerges as their unlikely leader. But will the doctor be the ultimate source of their salvation, and can they reach him before disaster strikes?

Production Team:

Writer/ Director - Heather Jack
Executive Producer - Mary Rohlich (Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses, Four Christmases)
Producer - Jacob Robinson (VP Development, Donald De Line)
Cinematographer - Mike Simpson (Strings, Taiwan Oyster)

About the Production:

"As someone who is relatively neurotic, I think most of us have our own insecurities and issues to deal with. That's one of the reasons I'm really excited about this project. Nobody is perfect and stressful situations only amplify the crazy. Also, the world can feel like a frightening, messed up place if you've been watching the news, but we can't spend our entire existence being dark. Humor and normalcy creep back in, and sometimes it's the only way to confront otherwise terrifying uncertainty. This film attempts to meet those fears head on, all while remaining optimistic, witty, and fun." -- Heather Jack

Current Status:


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