Little Failure 2

Fiction writer Gary Shteyngart will be releasing his memoir "Little Failure" at the top of next year, and he has teamed up with devoted fan (and fellow author, among other things) James Franco to help stir up publicity with a trailer for the upcoming book.

The four-minute comedic preview, currently available only on Buzzfeed, follows Shteyngart's travails in getting his work published, with Rashida Jones appearing as a publishing executive who comes up with the memoir's title as a result of Shytengart's small stature and lack of success.

After enduring these struggles, Shteyngart comes home to his doting and supportive husband, who happens to be Franco, followed by a therapy session with Jonathan Franzen later on and an encounter with a barista played by Alex Karpovsky.

"Little Failure" hits bookstores on January 7. Watch the trailer here.