Hot Docs

Hot Docs launches in Toronto tonight with the Canadian premiere of Sundance hit "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz." The screening -- at the festival's hub The Bloor Cinema -- kicks off 11 days and nights of North America's largest documentary festival. And while plenty of other breakout films from Sundance and the like will certainly be a big part of the festival, Hot Docs also offers plenty of opportunity for discovery with dozens of world premieres. So here are 10 films you might not have heard of yet with buzz heading into Hot Docs that we're particularly excited to see. Check them out at Hot Docs, or at many doc film festivals to come (and hopefully theaters soon after that):

"112 Weddings"
Zeitgeist "112 Weddings"

"112 Weddings," directed by Doug Block

Over the past two decades, Doug Block has supported his career as a documentary film director ("51 Birch Street," "The Kids Grow Up") by moonlighting as a wedding videographer. In his latest film, his two careers intertwine as Block tracks down and interviews some of the most memorable couples whose weddings he filmed to see how their relationships are faring. Given Block's tendency to delve (sometimes painfully so) into tender emotional territory, we're looking forward to seeing how he mines the field of marriage.

"Advanced Style," directed by Lina Pliopyte

We're hoping to age gracefully, which is why we're planning to take some tips from the grand dames featured in this documentary about sophisticated women of a certain age. Based on Ari Seth Cohen's blog and then book of the same name, the film, directed by Lina Pliopyte, profiles 7 of New York's most stylish women. The silver-haired set has never looked so chic. With popular culture celebrating youth and super models starting out in middle school, it's about time we appreciated the style that comes from a life well lived.

"Before The Last Curtain Falls," directed by Thomas Wallner

In 2010, a group of aging drag queens and transsexuals (between the ages of 58 and 67) were asked by famed Belgian choreographer Alain Platel to return to the spotlight for a new show titled Gardenia.  It became a huge success, playing over 200 shows in 25 countries. It also resulted in this documentary, which follows 7 of the show's performers as they find the courage to try something new in your golden years. Blending dance cinema with character study, it gives the folks behind Gardenia yet another new chance at the spotlight -- and audiences a chance to meet them.

"Children 404"
"Children 404"

"Children 404," directed by Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov

The timely topic of LGBT rights in Russia is depicted in "Children 404," Askold Kurov and Pavel Loparev’s firsthand account of the impact of Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law on the LGBT youth of the country. The law -- which forbids “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors” -- has left an estimated 2.5 million LGBT children and teenagers in Russia without support. Psychologists, teachers and even parents can be fined or imprisoned for supporting them. This film, having its world premiere at Hot Docs, lets 45 Russian teens and tweens share their stories through anonymous interviews and video diaries.

"Everyday Rebellion," directed by Arash T. Riahi

Arash T. Riahi travels to various hot spots (and we don't mean the beach) around the world to capture the innovative ways average people are turning themselves into political activists and rebels through non-violent means. From the Occupy Movement in New York City, the Ukraine and Spain to Iran and Syria, "Everyday Rebellion" shows how civil disobedience takes many forms and creativity can sometimes be the most powerful means of resistance.