On seeing the movie for the first time last night: "I think I cut off Dermot [Mulroney]'s circulation just squeezing his hand with excitement and thrill to see what everybody did. Because it's such a great ensemble. Even though there were a lot of scenes that we are all in together, my favorite is the bus station scene with Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Chris [Cooper]. It was my favorite scene in the play and it was my favorite scene when I read the screenplay. To watch the way they did that in the film, it was heartbreaking. I have too much makeup on right now to keep talking about that scene! But that's why you want to go and see what your friends did so perfectly. It's great. I loved watching the movie last night and I thought the audience was so great. It was great to have so much energetic support. It was something I'll never forget."

Julia, Julianne, Juliette
Julia, Julianne, Juliette

On working with Meryl Streep (part 2): "To work with Meryl Streep is a dream come true for anyone. To know her is an honor. She is such a beautiful person and it was intimidating, certainly, to be in these scenes with her. Choking her, and things like that, were not how I pictured it going in my mind all these years. I thought we'd be together, having tea and speaking in fabulous accents all dressed up. But there we were... I'm sweating and have on a big butt pad. So that's not how it was in my dream. However... It was still amazing. I think that at the end of every day -- coming out of the truth of the Weston family and into our own truths of who were are together with a hug and a kiss and an 'I love you' -- that was really the elixir that I needed to come in the next day and climb over the next table to choke her in the next way."

On what she does to alleviate anger: "Act! I don't have to be angry now for like 10 more years after this. I got it all out!"

On the fact that the actresses that played her sisters are named Juliette and Julianne (after a reporter tried to pose a question to all three of them): "Isn't that hard to say? Imagine what John [Wells] went through! Why did he cast the three of us? It was a Jule-bilee! [huge laughter from the audience] Just take a minute people. Enjoy that. Cause it's hard to say, too."

On working with Meryl Streep (part 3):  "Meryl is not only sublime and superior in her work. She's such a beautiful person. She sees not only what I need as an actor but what I need as a girl in the world. She provides all that, all the time. No wonder she's sleeping. She's exhausted after taking care of me."

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