American Hustle

By now, you've no doubt heard about some of the surprising elements of David O. Russell's "American Hustle:" Christian Bale's dramatic physical transformation into an overweight, balding middle aged man, the crazy 70s outfits with their plunging necklines and, of course, the real shocker: the smooch between Jennifer Lawrence's character (Roslyn) and Amy Adams (Sydney). But after attending the press conference for "American Hustle" last weekend in New York, we've got more delectable tidbits about the movie, which opens in theaters on Friday, December 13th.

Here are the latest things we learned about "American Hustle:"

1. Jennifer Lawrence sings "Live and Let Die" because Russell had a "vision."

"We were going to go over the script before we started shooting and David said he had a vision of me (as Roslyn) wearing yellow cleaning gloves and running through the entire house singing 'Live and Let Die.' I thought that sounded incredible, but how is it going to make sense? I was just like 'sure, I'll dance. I'll sing. Whatever.' She (Roslyn) is so angry and she's at this point where she's been lied to for so long and she's been left out of everything and she's getting to the point that this marriage she' been fighting for for so long, she's been imprisoning this man and this marriage for so many years, she's finally ready to just let it die. So I think that was a really great moment. I threw my neck out actually!" -- Jennifer Lawrence

2. Robert De Niro didn't recognize Christian Bale in character.

"When he (De Niro) met the whole cast, he shook their hands the day we shot their scene....After he met everybody, he (pointed at Christian Bale) and said 'who's that guy?' I said 'you just shook his hand. That's Christian Bale.' And he said, 'no, that guy.' And I said, 'that's Christian Bale.' He just stared and said, 'wow, he looks so different. It's great.' He didn't realize he had just met him (Christian Bale) and I had to reintroduce them." -- David O. Russell

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Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale in "American Hustle"
Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale in "American Hustle"

3. The infamous kiss between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams was Adams' idea, but Lawrence brought it to life. 

"I feel like Jennifer really made that contribution. I came up with the idea, but she executed it in a way that felt driven from character. It didn't feel like just a moment in which twp girls are going to kiss on screen. It was from somewhere emotional. She killed it… the laugh she gets afterwards, that was genius. I didn't direct it. I just thought 'what if she plants one on her?' Jennifer executed that in the brilliant way that sells it comedically and dramatically. It never feels like it shouldn't have been there. It feels so organic and that's Jennifer." -- Amy Adams

4. Amy Adams used dancing to get into her character.

"I was trained as a dancer, so it's always been a part of how I storytell. It's through my body, through movement. One of the things that struck me once I had the wardrobe and I knew she (Sydney) would be a sexual being, about people who really had an elegance to their sexuality...For me, dancing was how I started to feel her. I thought about Ann Margret and Cyd Charisse, they seemed like they were in control because of the way they moved their bodies. I thought about that in the moment." -- Amy Adams