"Off Label"
"Off Label"
"Off Label"
Doc duo Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher won considerable raves for 2009's "October Country," a portrait of an American family struggling for stability. For their follow-up, Palmieri and Mosher are taking on the pharmaceuticals industry through this look at various folks affected by it, from a couple who work as "professional guinea pigs" to a woman morning a son that committed suicide while taking part in an antidepressent marketing study. Sure to shed light on the horrifying drug-addled state of America, "Off Label" is screening in the World Documentary Competition at Tribeca. [Peter Knegt]

"Revenge For Jolly!"
The presence of Kristin Wiig is pretty much all that's necessary for a film to warrant attention, even if it's not a leading role. In "Revenge For Jolly!," Wiig is part of an impressive supporting ensemble that also includes Elijah Wood, Ryan Phillippe and Adam Brody. But the lead belongs to Brian Pestos, who just happens to be Wiig's long term boyfriend. Pestos plays Harry, a man who comes home from an all-night drinking binge to discover his one true love -- his little dog Jolly -- has been murdered. The event results in a booze-fueled journey of, yep, revenge for Jolly with the help of his cousin Cecil (Oscar Isaac). The directorial debut of Chadd Harbold, "Jolly!" looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. [Peter Knegt]

"Struck By Lightening"
'Gleeks' in New York will no doubt be flocking to see "Glee" star Chris Colfer's screenwriting debut, "Struck By Lightening," starring Colfer, Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks and "Bridesmaids"'s roommate from hell Rebel Wilson. If the curiosity factor and stellar cast didn't sell you, then the director, Brian Dannelly, should. He's the guy behind "Saved!," one of the best and darkest teen comedies to come out in the past decade. "Struck By Lightening" finds Dannelly back in high-school mode, with a coming-of-age indie centered on Carson (Colfer), a senior who will do anything to get into his dream school, Northwestern University. The story seems pretty routine for the teen genre, but with Dannelly calling the shots, and a charismatic performer like Colfer leading the way, "Struck By Lightening" has the makings of something special. [Nigel M. Smith]

"Supporting Characters"
Director Daniel Schecter ("Goodbye Baby") is currently in pre-production on a prequel to "Jackie Brown" starring John Hawkes and Mos Def. One hopes he's having an easier time than the neurotic anti-heroes of "Supporting Characters," a pair of New York film editors (Alex Karpovsky and Tarik Lowe) constantly bickering about their working relationship while dealing with equally frustrating romantic problems with their respective girlfriends (Sophia Takal and Melonie Diaz). On the surface a sarcastic work about the challenge of making a good movie -- dangerous territory for any movie to investigate -- "Supporting Characters" is, in fact, a very funny and perceptive look at the way life isn't as simple and clean as the dramas we extract from it.  [Eric Kohn]