1999 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup

"Among Others", by Trac Vu

"Atomic Tabasco", by James Cox

"Bingo", by Chris Landreth

"Bubblepac", by Rick Dublin

"Cache", by Carolyn Coal

"Chronic", by Jennifer Todd Reeves

"Come Unto Me: The Faces of Tyree Guyton", by Nicole Cattell

"Cry Radio", by Jarl Olsen

"Culture", by Ari Gold

"The Delivery", by David L. S. Lee

"Desserts", by Jeff Stark

"Devil Doll/Ring Pull", by Jarl Olsen

"Dirt", by Chel White

"El Corrido de Cecilia Rios", by Kristy Guevera Flanagan

"Fishbelly White", by Michael Burke

"The Fishmonger's Daughter", by Caroline Sax

"Flight", by Les LeVeque

"Flying Saucer Rock n' Roll", by Enda Hughes

"Funny Logic", by Tom Krueger

"Hell for Leather", by Dominik Scherrer

"Hepa", by Laura Margulies

"Hsiao", by Masahiro Sugano

"Hotel Belgrad", by Andrea Staka

"Humdrum", by Peter Peake

"Jazz Is...", by Donna Lawrence

"Jorge", by Joel Hopkins

"Kansas", by Tim Blake Nelson

"Ladies Room", by Eugenia Ives

"Lars From 1-10", by Sophie Fiennes and Shari Roman

"The Last Guy to Let You Down", by Rolf Gibbs

"Life History of a Star", by Jennifer M. Gentile

"Love Bites", by Michael Horowitz and Colburn Tseng

"Magical Words (Le Mots Magiques)", by Jean-Marc Vallee

"More", by Mark Osborne

"Mutiny", by Henry Griffin

"1001 Nights", by Mike Smith

"A Pack of Gifts, Now", by Corky Quakenbush

"A Pregnant Moment", by Jay Rosenblatt

"Ruben", by Grant Barbeito

"Sabor A Mi (Savour Me)", by Claudia Morgado Escanilla

"The Second Bakery Attack", by Wolf Baschung

"Second Skin", by Amy Talkington

"Seven Days Til Sunday", by Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley

"She Smokes", by Christa Collins

"Shooting Star", by Scott Young

"Solitary Journey", by Michael Levine

"Star Trak", by Roy T. Wood

"Stubble Trouble", by Philip Holahan

"sXe", by Alex Beckstead

"Take Your Bags", by Camille Billops

"Tangerine Girl", by Liloye Boubli

"Taxidermy: The Art of Imitating Life", by Eva S. Aridjis

"Todo Dia Todo (Day to Day)", by Flavio Frederico

"Tree Shade", by Lisa Collins

"Two Girls & A Baby", by Kelli Simpson

"Two Seasons", by Christine Swanson

"Venus Blue", by Gillian Ashurst

"William Sexpeares 'Much Ado About Puberty", by Ken Boynton