2000 Slamdance Feature Competition


The Slamdance 2000 Feature Competition (descriptions courtesy of Slamdance):

"7-Teen Sips" (USA, 97 min.) WORLD PREMIERE -- A nihilist provides hope and
destruction for a group of young middle American outcasts. Directed by
Stephen Berra.

"Blink of an Eye" (USA, 92 min.) -- A young man struggles between the woman
he loves and the life he's trying to leave behind. Co-starring Matthew
("Star Maps"). Directed by Van Fischer.

"Good Houskeeping" (USA, 92 min.) WORLD PREMIERE -- A rocket launcher is
required to help sort out the future of a suburban white trash family.
Directed by Frank Novak.

"Dolphins" (Germany, 40 min., no dialogue) -- A misunderstood mental patient
is set free from her gold fish bowl and crazy surroundings. Directed by
Farhad Yawari.

"Double Parked" (USA, 96 min.) WORLD PREMIERE -- A young mother
("Homicide"'s Callie Thorne) tries to keep her son from his troubling
new friend. Directed by Stephen Kinsella.

"Good Kurds, Bad Kurds" (USA, 72 min.) WORLD PREMIERE -- An epic document
reveals America's political interest in the Kurds. Directed by Kevin

"La Sonambula" (The Sleepwalker) (Argentina, 105 min., subtitled) -- An epic
sci-fi journey of a man and woman in a world where memories are not what
they seem. Directed by Fernando Spiner.

"Ratas, Ratones, Rateros" (Ecuador, 107 min., subtitled) US PREMIERE -- A
tale of two cousins - one trying to cope with a demanding father, and one
who is very good at being very bad. Directed by Sebastian Cordero.

"The Strange Case of Senor Computer" (US, 105 min.) WORLD PREMIERE --
Questions of survival prove less interesting to a computer than
sadomasochistic phone sex with a big breasted human. Directed by Tom

"The Target Shoots First" (USA, 70 min.) -- A young man uncovers the hidden
corporate bureaucracy of the Columbia House music club. Directed by
Christopher Wilcha.

"Tuvcalu" (Germany, 101 min., no dialogue) US PREMIERE -- Expressionist
story shows how greed and corruption threaten to close down a family-owned
bath house. Directed by Veit Helmer.

"We Married Margo" (USA, 90 min.) WORLD PREMIERE -- Two guys, one ex-wife,
and the search for how she changed so many people's lives. With cameos
including Cindy Crawford, Tom Arnold and the late Payne Stewart. Directed by
J.D. Shapiro.