2000 Slamdance Special Screenings


The Slamdance 2000 Special Screenings (descriptions courtesy of Slamdance):

"Amargosa," directed by Todd Robinson -- (USA, 93 min.) WORLD PREMIERE
Robinson discovers an 87-year-old belly dancer in a small western town.

"Barenaked in America," directed by Jason Priesteley -- (Canada, 89 min.)
Follows the Canadian rock band The Barenaked Ladies on tour in this music

"Home Sweet Hoboken," directed by Yoshifumi Hosoya -- (USA, 92 min.) WORLD
PREMIERE Two unemployed brothers try to steal their grandmother's precious

"Peep Show," directed Charlie Call -- (USA, 9 min.) A woman gets what she
wants at a different kind of peep show.

"Road to Park City," directed by Bret Stern -- (USA, 90 min.) OPENING NIGHT
FILM A young filmmaker pins all his hopes on getting into Sundance.

"Swimming," directed by Robert J. Siegel -- (USA, 98 min.) WORLD PREMIERE
Starring Lauren Ambrose ("Psycho Beach Party"). A coming of age story set in
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina about a girl who is left to manage the family

"What I Like About You," directed by Jeff Stolhand -- (USA, 90 min.) WORLD
PREMIERE An attractive but snobbish indie bookstore owner reluctantly hooks
up with a loutish aspiring radio DJ to fend off corporate annihilation.