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2000 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup

By Indiewire | Indiewire November 1, 1999 at 2:00AM

2000 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup

2000 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup


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(indieWIRE/12.9.99) -- The Shorts Lineup for the 2000 Sundance Film Festival:

-- "#11" (Netherlands), by Joost Rekveld

-- "6 Miles of 8 Feet," by Ben Tomlin

-- "Architecture of Reassurance," by Mike Mills

-- "Babie," by Jonathan Michals

-- "Bats," by Jim Trainor

-- "Billy Twist," by Eva Aridjis

-- "Burnout" (Australia), by Gavin Barbey

-- "Cheerleader Tales," by Jake Kons

-- "Chicken Pox Pal," by Andrew Mudge

-- "Conspiracy Rock," by Scott Rosann

-- "Crabgrass Manifesto," by Aldo Emiliano Velasco

-- "Darling International," by Jennifer Reeves

-- "Das Clown," by Tom E. Brown

-- "Deadline" (Australia), by Nash Edgerton

-- "Don't Think Twice" (Canada), by Sarah Polley

-- "The Drowning Room," by Patrick Jolley & Reynold Reynolds

-- "Every Day Here," by Frazer Bradshaw

-- "Excesos de Ciudad" (Mexico), by Jorge Luquin

-- "Five Feet High and Rising," by Peter Sollett

-- "Flight of the Stone" (Germany), by Susanne Horizon-Franzel

-- "Friday," by Jodi Gibson

-- "G.," by Rolf Gibbs

-- "Girl Go Boom," by Mark Tiedemann

-- "Grace," by Lorelei Pepi

-- "Graham's Diner," by Courtney Byrd

-- "Gray Matter," by Anthony Dominici

-- "The Hat," by Julia Jordan & Terry Stacey

-- "Hitch," by Bradley Rust Gray

-- "Hurtle" (New Zealand), by Shona McCullagh

-- "Ice Fishing," by Alexandra Kondracke

-- "Imported," by Kevin Everson

-- "In God We Trust," by Jason Reitman

-- "The Keening," by Alex & Andrew Smith

-- "King of the Jews," by Jay Rosenblatt

-- "Little Dark Poet" (UK), by Mike Booth

-- "Los Gringos," by Rob Letterman

-- "Maid of Honor," by Jennifer Arnold

-- "Meanwhile" (Canada), by Ghyslaine Cote

-- "Men Make Women Crazy Theory," by Zoe Cassavetes

-- "Mum," by Nicholas Peterson

-- "A Nursery Tale," by Jieho Lee

-- "Officer Down," by Daniel O

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