2001 Cannes Film Festival Short Films in Competition Lineup

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The Short Films in Competition Lineup for the 2001 Cannes Film Festival:

DADDY'S GIRL, directed by Irvine Allan

PAULETTE, directed by Louise-Marie Colon

CHICKEN, directed by Barry Dignam

BIRD IN A WIRE, directed by Phillip Donnellon

BEAN CAKE, directed by David Greenspan

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, directed by Tim Hamilton

GOO, directed by Dwight Hwang

SHIM-SUNG-GA-JOK (The Holy Family), directed by Dong Il Shim

PIZZA PASSIONATA, directed by Kari Juusonen

NATURLIGE BRILLER, directed by Jens Lien

MUSIC FOR ONE APARTMENT AND SIX, directed by Ola Simonsson

DRUMMERS, directed by Johannes Stjarne Nilsson

LES PETITS OISEAUX, directed by Fred Louf