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2001 Sundance Film Festival Frontier Lineup

By Indiewire | Indiewire November 1, 2000 at 2:00AM

2001 Sundance Film Festival Frontier Lineup

2001 Sundance Film Festival Frontier Lineup


>Dramatic || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001205_Docum.html">
Documentary || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Premiere.htm
l">Premieres || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001205_Spectrum.htm
l">American Spectrum || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_WorldCin.htm
l">World Cinema || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Midnight.htm
l">Midnight || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Native.html"
> Native Forum || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Frontier.htm
l">Frontier || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Special.html
">Special Screenings || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001206_Collect.html
">Sundance Collection || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001208_shorts.html"
>Shorts || HREF="/onthescene/fes_01Sund_001215_Online.html"

(indieWIRE/12.6.00) -- The Frontier Lineup for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival:

"HISTORY LESSONS," directed by Barbara Hammer (Documentary)

"L'AMOUR, L'ARGENTE, L'AMOUR" (Germany), directed by Philip Groening

"THE MIDDLE PASSAGE" (France), directed by Guy DesLauriers

"TWO UNKNOWN PHOTOGRAPHERS," directed by Kon Pet Moon (Documentary)

Frontier Shorts Program (to be announced)

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