2001 Sundance Film Festival Native Forum Section Lineup


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(indieWIRE/12.6.00) -- The Native Forum Section Lineup for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival:

"ABANDONDED HOUSES ON THE RESERVATION" (Canada), directed by Darlene Naponese

"ALCATRAZ IN NOT AN ISLAND," directed by James M. Fortier

"CHIAPAS MEDIA PROJECT," directed by Alex Halkin

"CHRISTMAS IN THE CLOUDS," directed by Catherine "Kate" Montgomery

"THE FLIP SIDE," directed by Rod Pulido

"MOKO" (New Zealand), directed by Jillian White

"ROCKS AT WHISKEY TRENCH" (Canada), directed by Alanis Obom Sawin

"SOMEPLACE BETTER" (Canada), directed by Dennis Allen

"TRACKS IN THE SNOW," directed by Shirley Cheechoo

"VOICES OF THE SIERRA TARAHUMANA," directed by Robert Brewster & Felix Gehm

"THE WALK," directed by Peter Spirer