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by Peter Knegt
January 5, 2014 7:01 PM
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2014 Golden Globe Predictions: Best Drama

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the Golden Globe Awards through January 12th, when the winners are announced.

Here's our take on the best motion picture drama category, which like the Oscars seems down to "12 Years a Slave" and "Gravity." With "Saving Mr. Banks" snubbed, anything else winning would be truly shocking.

Our take below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
"12 Years A Slave"
"Captain Phillips"

Will win: "12 Years A Slave"
Could win: "Gravity"
Should win: "Gravity" but "12 Years" would suit me just fine as well
Shoulda been here: "Short Term 12"

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  • leedh1991 | January 5, 2014 8:59 PMReply

    I especially love shoulda been here section. hopefully Short Term 12 will get some notice for Oscars

  • NZAU | December 31, 2013 1:36 AMReply

    I have a feeling Gravity will win. The story behind the movie. I heard Alfonso Cuaron speak about how it took 3 years to start shooting, and about the technology and all that. The HFPA might want to reward the effort. They might also choose to stand behind 12YAS because of the brilliant performances and the in your face story telling.

  • Guest | December 15, 2013 3:18 AMReply

    should win:Gravity what the actual f***?gravity was great but thats it,not even deserving of a nom

  • BOo | December 14, 2013 9:47 PMReply

    Gravity over Twelve years a Slave? are you kidding me?

  • Mirko | November 30, 2013 1:39 PMReply

    I hope Saving Mr Banks.