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by Peter Knegt
February 9, 2014 10:40 PM
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2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Animated Feature

"The Wind Rises"

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 86th Academy Awards through March 2nd, when the winners are announced.

It looks like Disney Animation will finally win an Oscar in this category with "Frozen," a massive commercial and critical hit that seems like a pretty sure thing unless they really want to give Hayao Miyazaki -- who took back saying this was his last film -- another one for "The Wind Rises."

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
“The Croods” Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco and Kristine Belson
“Despicable Me 2” Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin and Chris Meledandri
“Ernest & Celestine” Benjamin Renner and Didier Brunner
“Frozen” Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
“The Wind Rises” Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki

Will win:“Frozen” Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
Could win: “The Wind Rises” Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki
Should win: “The Wind Rises” Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki
Shoulda been here: N/A

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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  • Megan | May 2, 2014 7:26 AMReply

    In my opinion and as well as a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan, I think Frozen was too corny and not so creative to actually deserve the oscar while Madoka Magica was well written and creative, Madoka Magica also has great characters and a great ending. This is just my opinion so yeah

  • Rosie | April 27, 2014 3:39 PMReply

    I love Madoka Magica, and I easily would have voted for one of the first two films (the series rewritten into movies with some minor changes and a higher budget,) but Rebellion, as much I hate to say it, was not overlooked, and absolutely in no way deserves an Oscar. It certainly doesn't beat Frozen or The Wind Rises. Even A Letter to Momo is a better choice. Haven't seen any of the others (Earnest and Celestine looks good, though, but many not Oscar-worthy.) I know I'm late to this, but I wanted to throw in my two cents.

    Rebellion was beautifully animated, and the score was great, but that's about all it has going for it. The plot was a mess. The pacing was horrible, the characters were static, there were too many plot holes, and a giant amount of filler. Pretty much the entire first forty-five minutes of the entire film does absolutely nothing to advance the plot forward. It's a bunch of boring, sloppy fanservice. The film didn't even feel like Madoka Magica. With most of the characters having lost their memories, and living in a world so different in tone from the original story, they don't even feel the same. I didn't care about them. The new character was worthless, too, and only thrown in, again, for fanservice. Her personality was often annoying, and she had no development whatsoever. She was pointless moe that had no place in a Madoka Magica installment.

    One of its biggest issues is the simple fact that Madoka Magica does not warrant a sequel in the slightest. There is so much else they could have done with this world. Writing a sequel was probably the worst choice. There's simply no reason for one. There's actually ways Rebellion could have worked, too, which is frustrating. Most of the plot holes would have been fairly easy to fix.

    Overall, a mess is simply the best I can describe it.

  • Hans-Christian | March 1, 2014 5:26 AMReply

    Will win:“Frozen” Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
    Could win: “Frozen” Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
    Should win: “Frozen” Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
    Shoulda been here: None, because they simply wouldn't stand a chance against "Frozen". I personally know some films throughout the years that I say deserves an Oscar, but if they are up against "Frozen", I'd better nominate them another time to assure them a win.

  • Pat | February 26, 2014 7:21 PMReply

    Frozen should win. The Wind Rises is just soft propaganda for Japanese right wing. Hoping for peace by celebrating the designer for Mitsubishi Zero? Are you kidding me? Japanese right winger is also applying to UNESCO to recognition 333 items left behind by WWII kamikaze pilots because it is world heritage.

  • Gain | February 17, 2014 10:47 AMReply

    Frozen will win,and it's gonna be a very deserving winner,but Ernest&Celestine is too good to be unseen.People should all go and watch it,it wouldn't disappoint.

  • KoalaZ | February 16, 2014 5:29 AMReply

    The real winner should be Madoka Magica...

  • Fernando | March 2, 2014 3:47 PM

    Why is it that Madoka fans seem so easy to get ticked off? Haven't they considered the possibility that the critics just didn't find it as good as the five nominees?

  • Jenny | February 9, 2014 11:41 AMReply

    Yeah I disagree! I think Frozen SHOULD win as well as could win but I have zero faith that the academy will make the right decision considering the croods was nominated instead of monster's university

  • Jim-bob | February 22, 2014 2:18 PM

    To be honest I was amazed the croods got nominated. It's not bad but it isn't anything special either. I suspect it was nominated as a placeholder more than anything. As for the Monster's University film it's a tossup between it and croods for the same placeholder spot.

  • Rachel | February 9, 2014 3:35 AMReply

    I think Frozen both will and deserves to win!!!

  • MINHYUK | February 8, 2014 8:58 PMReply

    Will Win: Frozen or The Wind Rises
    Should Win: Ernest And Celestine
    Should not be here: The Croods
    Should be here: A Letter To Momo
    Dark Horse: Despicable Me 2

  • Klamentyne | February 8, 2014 4:25 AMReply

    haven't seen "The Wind Rises" yet but "Ernest & Celestine" was such a beautiful piece! don't want another Disney royalty to win..

  • Choffers | February 24, 2014 9:26 AM

    Disney's never won best animated. It's a toss-up between the novelty of giving Disney it's first award in the category it pretty much created and giving Miyazaki another award for his "last" film (let's be honest, it's not the first time he's retired and he'll probably be back). I do agree that Ernest & Celestine is incredibly underrated though, but i am still pulling for Frozen.

  • Typeaux | February 5, 2014 6:54 PMReply

    It's a matter of perspective. I'm older (over 60), so like a lot of people my age I don't really "get" the fascination with most Japanese anime features, finding them either too crude (well-drafted but stiffly animated) or too didactic in their execution and approach, with fewer subtleties (at least that my generation can discern). Again, this is merely a matter of perspective, since "taste" doesn't really enter into it. You like what you like.

    In the discussion regarding "Frozen" versus "Tangled," here again I find the humor and range of subtleties in "Tangled" superior to "Frozen" (as well as the songs). I enjoyed "Frozen" for what it is, and would prefer not to compare it to "Tangled" yet find the comparison sadly inevitable. (The horse is funnier than the reindeer. The chameleon is cuter than the snowman. The heroine is more conflicted and thus more interesting in "Tangled." The bad guys are earthier, better defined and more menacing, the cutthroats in the Ugly Duckling more engaged and far funnier than the rather silly trolls... it goes on and on. So sorry, I don't apologize. :o)

    While I'm busy not apologizing, I watched "Spirited Away" when it came out and wondered why there was any fuss at all about it. Clearly, I lack the perspective of younger audiences who seem to thrive on the social popularity of the genre and find a higher meaning in it. I simply do not. I would love to be enlightened, but it hasn't happened.

  • Helianthus | March 2, 2014 2:52 PM

    Obviously you have never seen Puella madoka magica rebellion it's one of the Japanese animations that could have been nominated this year. When you see it you will be enlightened. It's characters are well developed and the animation of the action scenes by studio shaft are amazing.

    Don't worry about not liking Spirited Away by the way I mean it's a really great movie and it's part of my childhood but I know Miyazaki's films might not be for everyone. There are many other great movies made by the anime industry this year such as wolf children. I think you should try and look more into Japanese animation there are tons of great movies made by Miyazaki and others. Just because you don't care for Miyazaki there is more than just the mainstream anime found here.

  • Hidalgo | February 25, 2014 8:27 PM

    Despite your personal preference for Tangled, the audience and critics would beg to differ with you. Tangled had nowhere near the success of Frozen, despite it being market just as well, being released around the same time of the year. Secondly, Disney took a different route with Frozen, ditching the stereotypical cliche of Princess meets man/true love's kiss, etc. Tangled, though a good film, was another cliched story. Frozen on the other hand, took things in a different direction. The story of love here is not between the princess and the prince/male main character, but one between sisters. Thirdly, the songs in Tangled are not up to par with those of Frozen. Again, let the audience decided...which songs have better reviews and sales?
    I'm not apologizing either...The masses, audience, and critics; simply the numbers favor Frozen over Tangled.

  • ? | February 22, 2014 11:39 PM

    your enlightened by 'Frozen' but not by Miyazaki? you need to retire buddy

  • Ghost | February 5, 2014 5:09 AMReply

    Best Animated Feature, or otherwise known as "The Greatest Disappointment of All Oscars Because Japanese Animation Always Gets Snubbed and The Prize Always Goes to Pixar, Disney or Some Other Western Company" (except for that one year though, b'cos we all know how much more superior Spirited Away was compared to the other nominees). And I'm not saying I don't like Western animation, in fact I enjoyed Frozen this year, but I just dislike the fact that out of the five possible nominees, at most one ever goes to good Japanese animation and the rest goes to horribly written, horribly animated, horribly reviewed films, like Despicable Me 2 this year. Films that should've earned a nomination, like A Letter to Momo, never did. It's just the same disappointments like Evangelion 2.0, Millennium Actress or Howl's Moving Castle years ago. And, of course, we all know that in the end the award would go to Frozen.

  • Travis Baker | January 31, 2014 5:05 PMReply

    Should've been here: 'Monsters University'!

  • User007 | January 29, 2014 4:39 PMReply

    People thinking that the storyline for Frozen vs. The Wind Rises need to understand that one was written for a general audience with children in mind while the other was a fictionalized biography. The latter is perhaps more emotional and whatnot but as another reviewer stated it doesn't mean it is better. Frozen had a better story IMHO since it is more challenging to write an original story based on characters from The Snow Queen, and also keeping it G rated. TWR'S story practically wrote itself as a bio. Not to mention that the latter film does have subtle political overtones while also glossing over the fact that thousands of workers from China and Korea were forced into Japan's manufacturing industry. No matter what one may believe about TWR, it is based on history and with that it automatically carries Miyazaki's political viewpoint. The only reason why it even has a chance of winning is due to it being Miyazaki's swan song film not based solely on the film itself. There is just too much controversy and mixed reviews to just be considered a good animated film. IMHO Frozen is more deserving.

  • Jandi | February 3, 2014 1:58 AM

    I don't think you know what you're talking about in the latter half. Are you sure you watched TWR? The story barely wrote itself as a bio--the actual Jiro never had such a love interest to begin with. Saying that Frozen had more difficulty making up a story contradicts from how it's an interpretation of The Snow Queen. Both movies have equally taken from something to make a brand new form. TWR from history, Frozen from an old tale.

    Also, TWR wasn't glossing over anything: it's a romanticized movie about a man who loved planes. Everyone has a life that can be interpreted differently. Many great analysts of literature will know this. Miyazaki's political viewpoint has always been against war, Japan or not. The movie created controversy, but what great work hasn't? And most of the controversy tends to come from A)historic nuts, or B)nationalism nuts, or C) a mix of both. I don't take these seriously, because again--this is a romanticised film about a man who loved planes. Those who are creating controversy are doing it to only serve their own purpose, and not for the sake of animation. So what does that mean? I only take critics who LEAVE out the history and focus on the story and animation itself.

    Yes, Frozen was good. But to say that Miyazaki's film only got nominated because it was his final farewell is a little too much of an understatement. Also, Frozen being pitched as a film for children isn't a valid point in the arguments I've been hearing; there were not only a lot of jokes that children wouldn't get, but also it's a nomination for animation in general. Not a "Children's Animated Genre." Frozen, unfortunately to me, is far too overhyped. TWR is hyped as well. Right now, I don't know which I think will win. But I just stated my opinion on the things I thought were a little unfair of you to say about the opposing film.

  • jbr | January 26, 2014 1:55 AMReply

    It had better go to The Wind Rises. Frozen was just SO BAD. The songs were forced, the characters were (oddly) flat, and the story was hardly dynamic and entirely, 100% predictable. Maybe Disney's worst effort on an animated feature to-date.
    The Wind Rises, however, was another Miyazaki masterpiece. Also, keep in mind, his final. The Oscars being highly political, it will likely go to him in a sense to pay homage to one of the greatest storytellers of the past century. (Keep in mind that they actually have done this many times)
    Honest prediction: Miyazaki.

  • Coreen | May 10, 2014 6:20 AM

    How could it be worse than Home on the Range or Chicken Little? What I don't like is how people call some films the worst ever and forget about other bad animated features. Besides, Disney did manage to pull out a few bad animated films after the Renaissance.

  • Jun | January 28, 2014 11:11 AM

    "People who claim the movie revolves around glorification of Japan during WWII have clearly not seen the movie."

    A false statement. People in Japan, who have seen the movie, are split regarding this so called "masterpiece." It is definitely not Miyazaki's best work, and many here in Japan, including myself, regard it as a subtle way to a WWII war machines (not the glorification of Japan as a whole in WWII). You cannot mention Jiro Horikoshi, without mentioning the A5M and the A6M Zero, both war machines used in WWII. Miyazaki also spoke against our current constitution and wanted revisions. His film is a subtle way to enforce his views. This is why our neighboring countries have issues with this movie and I can understand why. Most of Japan does not want to change our constitution because we are pacifists.

    "But the storyline was forgettable. It was not as memorable as Tangled, and especially against Pixar."

    Pixar has not turned out anything good recently, and last year, Wreck it Ralph was a much better film and deserving than Brave.

    Frozen, which I also saw, was better than Tangled and more memorable, especially the songs. An animated film is more than just the story, as for Disney it does include the songs and likeability of the characters. After all, Disney does market to children and one of it's most famous brands is the Disney Princess. In that sense, Tangled did not have memorable music and it's characters were forgettable.

    "I have never seen so many older men and women tearing up in a theatre, nor the strange silence that came after the end of the film."

    There are many films that cause this response. People have wept when they saw a certain scene in Frozen (I won't spoil that here.) Also Pixar did that with Up during the beginning of the movie. Also, most recently, people cried and were silent like in "Lone Survivor", when I saw that while I was in the US. It doesn't necessarily mean that a film is "beyond entertainment." If that is the case, war movies in the US which cause this response for Americans should have won the best picture award every time. Different people respond to different films. This is no measure of a film's quality.

    Frozen is not a masterpiece, as there are many Disney films that are better. But it is a decent film with an ok story that did break the traditional Disney formula of "true love's kiss" breaks all spells and "prince gets princess". It's songs were good, and better than most Disney films. As you say, the visuals were amazing, that acting was great, etc.

    In my opinion, Frozen has a better overall production value than Wind Rises, although a bit lacking in the storytelling, which Wind Rises did better. An animated film award does take into account the entire production, and when you put the visuals side by side with every other film in this category, there is no comparison. Same can be said of the songs. Since that is the case, I believe that award should go to Frozen.

  • C | January 28, 2014 2:57 AM

    And there goes a man who pleasures himself off of stereotypes.

    I'm going to have to pint in here; I would agree with JBR. The Wind Rises was far superior. It's not a masterpiece, but it's magnificent. It does NOT glorify anything having to do with WWII. It glorifies aviation, just like Antoine de Saint-Exupery and his novels; it's about passion for a dream, and the loss that comes in life. People who claim the movie revolves around glorification of Japan during WWII have clearly not seen the movie.

    Frozen, I will not go as far as to call it "SO BAD". It was decent. It's not a masterpiece as people make it to be. And it's unfortunate that people are making it to be so--if standards for storylines have fallen to that point, then it is a sad day. It's an alright film. Visually, it's beautiful. But the storyline was forgettable. It was not as memorable as Tangled, and especially against Pixar. It is nothing like the classics, though they tried sticking in musical numbers. Musical numbers don't solidify a "classic". All it is is a film with songs, which were placed rigidly throughout the movie, and nothing more than a mediocre storyline that you watch for entertainment.

    The reason why I particularly want The Wind Rises to win is simply because it goes above and beyond entertainment. I have never seen so many older men and women tearing up in a theatre, nor the strange silence that came after the end of the film. The movie just speaks volumes. But if it were to par against The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Ghibli's Takahata's film), I would have to say the winner would be Kaguya.

  • BFJP | January 27, 2014 2:41 AM

    The Wind Rises is way overrated, and definitely not a "masterpiece". It got mixed reviews unlike other Miyazaki works, including in Japan. Not to mention that it subtly glorifies the Japan's aviation in WWII, foreshadowing the making of the Zero.

    It seems to me that you have way too much bias against Disney. You back up NONE of your claims with details from the film.

    Are you a Japanophile anime otaku AKA fanboy?

  • 1974 | January 25, 2014 10:49 AMReply

    I love Miyazaki, but Frozen is better.

  • Lilo | January 25, 2014 6:18 AMReply

    prediction: The Winds Rises
    deserving: Frozen

  • Bruceoth | January 25, 2014 12:05 AMReply

    The should win should be a tie for both Frozen and The Wind Rises

  • Brett | January 21, 2014 5:18 PMReply

    Prediction: The Wind Rises
    Deserving: The Wind Rises

  • Dylan | January 13, 2014 7:25 PMReply

    My Nominations (Best Animated Feature):

    THE WIND RISES (I haven't seen the film yet, but so far it looks incredible, from the beautiful animation, and most importantly, it's by Hayao Miyazaki, who's one of the best people working in any type of animation today.)

  • Garion08 | January 12, 2014 10:21 PMReply

    I totally agree that Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is being totally overlooked. The major problem is that it didn't get enough advertizement and was not released long enough in theaters to appeal to the general public. Second to appeal to the general public the theaters should have done what the "Dark Night Rises" did on premiere night, which is to show all three movies at one day. That way people would get a lead into the movie.

    For one, I'm tired of Disney winning. Disney needs to be taken down a notch. Ghibli has already had its15 minutes of fame, so I want to see Warnerbrothers/Aniplex get some stage light with Madoka Magica Rebellion. This is just an earnest wish.

  • Fernando | March 2, 2014 3:52 PM

    Or maybe the critics didn't find it as good as the nominated films? Ever thought of that idea?

  • Lilo | January 25, 2014 6:20 AM

    I agree Puella Magi Madoka Magica is overlooked, but Disney themselves have never won an best animated feature oscar, and to be honest they deserve to, Pixar is what wins.

  • Micael Liotto | January 12, 2014 5:27 AMReply

    and by 2015, one of the nominees will be "METEGOL"(foosball, Argentina 2013) from director Academy Award Winner Juan José Campanella(The secret in their eyes) April 18th, in theaters USA.

  • Mar | February 24, 2014 7:00 PM

    I have seen Metegol and it's awful.

  • Micael Liotto | January 12, 2014 5:11 AMReply

    Nominees by Me
    1-FROZEN(Winner) - Disney (8,1% imdb, Me: 9)
    2-THE WIND RISES - Touchstone (8,2% imdb, Me: 9)
    3-THE CROODS - DreamWorks (7,3% imdb, Me: 7)
    4-ERNEST ET CÉLESTINE - StudioCanal (7,9% imdb, Me: 8,2)
    5-MONSTERS UNIVERSITY - Disney/Pixar (7,5% imdb, Me: 8) Most Watched 2013 in Argentine theaters.

    Could also be nominated
    6-EPIC - Fox (6,7% imdb, Me: 6,7)
    7-DESPICABLE ME 2 - Universal (7,6% imdb, Me: 6)
    8-TURBO - DreamWorks (6,5% imdb, Me: 6,4)

    No chances!
    9-PLANES - Disney (5,6% imdb, Me: 4)
    10-CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 - Sony (6,6% imdb, Me: 5,9)

  • serch | January 12, 2014 4:43 AMReply

    What about The Congress? Ari Folman has an astonishing animation technique and although half of the movie is live action the animated part is superb.

  • MINIONS | January 12, 2014 1:06 AMReply

    3. FROZEN



  • Brett | January 9, 2014 4:36 PMReply

    I believe the winner will be The Wind Rises, we'll miss you Miyazaki

  • AureBab | January 9, 2014 4:17 AMReply

    I saw The Wind Rises in Venice. Can I say it...? Life is strange: almost every Miyazaki's movie should have been rewarded with an Oscar...well...except this. Really.

  • ANONYMOUS | January 8, 2014 11:53 PMReply

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion is by far Superior compared to everything on this so called list. I'm insulted by theses so called "predictions".

  • Anonymous | January 8, 2014 10:56 AMReply

    This, "Check out all predictions in all the categories here" takes you to 2013 predictions

  • KZ | January 4, 2014 7:52 PMReply

    Oscar for animated feature = shit...

    The committee are rarely know what shit they're doing.

    But if I have to pick one... Oscar style... I pick Frozen.

  • jan | December 31, 2013 3:36 PMReply

    Should win: The Wind Rises

  • Brett | December 19, 2013 5:00 PMReply

    1. The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki)
    2. Monsters University (Don Scanlon)
    3. Epic (Chris Wedge)
    4. Despicable Me 2 (Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud)
    5. The Croods (Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders)

  • Bard | December 19, 2013 7:04 AMReply

    I think Frozen is the winner here. Wind Rises, Epic, Monsters University and The Croods are the other nominations I would guess.

  • Ariel | December 17, 2013 12:39 PMReply

    Will Win: The Wind Rises
    Could Win: Frozen
    Should Win: Frozen

  • Ariel | December 17, 2013 12:41 PM

    Will Win: The Wind Rises
    Could Win: Frozen
    Should Win: The Wind Rises, Frozen

  • QB | December 8, 2013 3:07 PMReply

    You know what should win, but wont because its terribly overlooked? Puella Magi Madoka Magica-- Rebellion Story.
    It's not even MENTIONED on here, and i'm slightly offended its not even LISTED on the "Possibilities"
    Puella Magi in itself was a wonderful anime, and even though its labeled "magical girl" and has the girls don the frilly outfits of justice, it's much more. SO much more. God, you will cry.

    Rebellion was a great addition to the series, and blows away all Disney and Pixar competetion. The only thing it's really a challenge to is The Wind Rises and A Letter to Momo. I cant say anything about Ernest and Celestine since I haven't seen it, sorry.

    I hope they give Rebellion a chance though, since everywhere I've looked at seems to be skimming over it as if it wouldn't stand up to challenge.

  • Shame | January 7, 2014 12:53 PM

    As much as I want to agree with you, I saw the film, and even as a diehard fan, I felt it could've been better. Newcomers won't see much to this without the backstory of the series.

    If by some divine intervention it makes the shortlist, I'll chalk it up to a filler nominee to make the selection seem less paltry ("Legend of Kells", anyone?).

  • Bob | December 5, 2013 5:36 PMReply

    My predictions

    The Wind Rises
    Monsters University
    Ernest & Celestine
    Deapicable Me 2 or The Croods

  • MEMYSELFANDI | November 26, 2013 2:06 AMReply

    My latest prediction:

    2. FROZEN

  • Brett | November 20, 2013 5:36 PMReply

    What about My Little Pony: Equestria Girls?

  • Jove | December 21, 2013 5:03 AM

    You're joking, right?

  • Dino Zoff | November 18, 2013 12:02 PMReply

    Don't forget Foosball. Should get US distribution before March...

  • Vajra | November 12, 2013 1:04 PMReply

    And again, the best film is completely ignored...
    Even if I think Puella Magi Madoka Magica doesn't stand a chance to win (sadly), I really hope that some of you guys, will give it a try.
    In my opinion, the Puella Magi Madoka Magica trilogy is the greatest masterpiece of japanese animation.

  • Bogey | November 9, 2013 4:16 PMReply

    Wow, what a sad and pathetic year for animation! Hopefully creative independent companies will realize Hollywood has lost its grip on animation and step up to the plate.

  • MAS | December 26, 2013 10:11 AM

    The Wind Rises, Letter to Momo, PMMM - Rebellion are all fantastic bits of animation, and I haven't seen the Korean and French films, but I doubt you have either, and they may be excellent as well.

    What you may have meant to say is that it's a terrible year for American animation, and that's been the case for a while now. Hollywood has long since stopped pushing the envelope for animation and just keeps spamming the same styles and themes.

  • MARK | November 8, 2013 9:26 PMReply

    You should watch Madoka Magica. The series is a lot better than any of these movies in argument and, if those who watched it in Japan are right, this one continues to hit the mark. Even if it looks colorful, watch some episodes and the true charm of the franchise is discovered, which is being a deconstruction of it's genre and a good tragedy on its own.

  • Alex | November 6, 2013 8:10 PMReply

    I wouldn't exactly call Monsters University's reception "mixed". 78% from critics 83% from audience members on Rotten Tomatoes is pretty good if you ask me.

  • Anonymous | November 6, 2013 3:11 PMReply

    You should also have a look at Madoka Magica. Watch the two first movies, you'll see it definitely deserves some attention (and if you think it's too confidential a movie to win go to Japan...)

  • Hayley | November 4, 2013 7:17 PMReply

    If the academy doesn't go with The Wind Rises... I will have permanently lost faith. And really, the fact that Mamoru Hosoda isn't included in this list is astounding. It's high time that we Americans stop pretending we're still the best animators in the world. The academy needs to get its shit together and separate this award into a kids film category and an animated film category already. It's pathetic that something as idiotically childish as Frozen is compared to The Wind Rises, which is the most controversial film of Japan this year and one of the most thought provoking films I've ever seen in my adult life. It should be nominated for best picture.

  • Bruce | December 5, 2013 11:09 PM

    You obviously hadn't heard Let It Go or even seen the film and you OBVIOUSLY make your conclusion through the trailer with the the snowman, you should replace Frozen by Planes, it's more correct

  • Mark | December 3, 2013 4:59 PM

    I haven't seen this film you're smoking here, but I like Miyazaki's Spirited Away so I'm not surprise if this one is indeed really good. But to say that Frozen was an idiotically childish movie is clearly a rant of someone grieving and haven't seen the film yet. The fact that it took you from the classic disney films since Beauty and the Beast from it's heart warming songs aswell as the witty transition of the typical princess movie to fit the modern era of an independent and strong female character, Is very well executed in this film. This is indeed worthy of oscar nomination and even winning it. I just hate how you percieved the movie as idiotic. "MAKES ME WANNA SAY YOU'RE THE IDIOT!"

  • JD | December 2, 2013 7:25 PM

    You obviously haven't seen Frozen. It is not childish or idiotic. It is amazing, another Disney classic. The songs are awesome, the voice acting is great, and it is visually amazing. I haven't seen The Wind Rises, so I can't say which deserves it more, but Frozen is definitely Oscar worthy.

  • MeMyselfAndI | November 2, 2013 7:32 PMReply

    If I would be a member of The Academy, I would vote:
    1. The Wind Rises ( It's been along time where Spirited away win an oscars, and this is again the time that Miyazaki deserves another Oscars )
    2. Frozen ( If The Wind Rises will not be eligible, Frozen has a big chance to win)
    3. Epic ( I don't know why this movie has a less buzz to the people even it is a great film, i hope it will be nominated, and he has a chance to bit FRozen And either Miyazaki's The Wind Rises)
    4. Ernest And Celestine ( I hope it will be nominated and i would also glad if it will win )
    5. Despicable Me ( The Last Movie was very funny but did not get a nomination, And Wish this one would get a slot.)

  • Brett | November 1, 2013 12:30 AMReply

    Well, never mind what I said about Free Birds

  • Brett | October 29, 2013 10:19 AMReply

    I'm not calling Monsters University bad I had a good time with it, but in comparison to is pretty weak

  • Brett | October 29, 2013 10:16 AMReply

    What about Turbo and Free Birds, yet you think Despicable Me 2 and Meatballs 2 are possible since their predecessors didn't get nominated?

  • Marc | October 27, 2013 2:07 PMReply

    You may want to consider "The Legend of Sarila", an Inuit story mixing magic, suspense, and love in 3D

  • Marc | October 27, 2013 11:40 AMReply

    You may want to consider "The Legend of Sarila", an Inuit story mixing magic, suspense, and love in 3D

  • Marc | October 27, 2013 11:40 AMReply

    You may want to consider "The Legend of Sarila", an Inuit story mixing magic, suspense, and love in 3D

  • Brett | October 16, 2013 4:59 PMReply

    I'm thinking Wind Rises could go for Best Picture too

  • Brett | October 14, 2013 4:53 PMReply

    What about My Little Pony Equestria Girls?

  • The Brady Critic | October 14, 2013 1:06 PMReply

    Who will win: frozen

    might win: the wind rises

    should win: frozen

  • Ricky | November 7, 2013 5:36 AM

    lol what?? Frozen is not even out, let's wait and see.

  • Kim | October 5, 2013 9:16 AMReply

    What about Wolf Children, is that not eligible. I wonder when the US will start recognizing Mamoru Hosoda?

  • MAS | December 26, 2013 10:14 AM

    When he replaces Miyazaki in Japan, maybe. That'll take quite some time though, but he's already on his way.

  • Bérénice | October 21, 2013 6:37 AM

    Completely agree with you.... Wolf children would deserve it....

  • Christophe | September 28, 2013 5:22 AMReply

    Ernest and Celestine should be seriously considered. It's a beautifully hand-drawn film that tells the heartwarming story of the unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse. In a year with so many disappointments on the big-budget CGI front, it would be a good thing to reward a simple yet extremely charming film.

  • Brett | September 26, 2013 5:13 PMReply

    I have a feeling the winner will be Wind Rises because Miyazaki as always is a great animator, it's his last film before he retires (cries), and the Oscars need to give Pixar a break

  • Blake | September 26, 2013 11:40 AMReply

    Nominations for Best Animated Feature (my predictions):
    Despicable Me 2
    Monsters University
    The Wind Rises.

    The latter three have a strong chance to win.

  • Brett | September 25, 2013 5:17 PMReply

    I hope next year they give the award to somebody else (particularly Free Birds) because I am sick of them giving Pixar the award all the time! (Especially this year with Brave which was the least liked film in that category) Monsters University wasn't even a great film, it's ok but not better than Monsters Inc (Which should've won, thought Shrek was ok)

  • Brett | September 24, 2013 5:08 PMReply

    I'd replace Planes with My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Free Birds, From up on Poppy Hill, or Turbo

  • Brett | September 23, 2013 10:13 AMReply

    I don't see Despicable Me 2 happening, the first one didn't get nominated so why this one? I'd replace that with Turbo or Free Birds

  • Chase | September 22, 2013 10:56 PMReply

    No Turbo? I loved that Animated Film.

  • Brett | September 18, 2013 5:27 PMReply

    The Oscars should add a new category called Best Foreign Animated Feature just to keep those movies out of this category

  • OK | January 12, 2014 9:27 PM

    I agree. The fact is that though this is a category for all films, but foreign films stand little chance. If this is really fair, no US animation work would have any sort of chance camparing to Japanese animation.

  • MAS | December 26, 2013 10:44 AM

    Film awards should be about quality, not popularity.

  • Brett | October 23, 2013 5:09 PM

    I'm saying that should be a category the Academy should add because not only no one has heard of these movies, but they're practically a waste of space for other movies: Cat in Paris and Chico and Rita over Tintin and Rio/Winnie the Pooh? The Illusionist over Tangled...along with Megamind and Despicable me since there were only 3 that year, Secret of Kells over Ponyo (People have talked about it at least),

  • Diego | September 22, 2013 2:01 AM

    That's probably the most ignorant thing I've ever read, the oscars aren't for American films, it's for all of cinema, if a foreign film is oscar worthy , then it deserves a nomination as much as a Film from the U.S.

  • Brett | September 18, 2013 5:02 PMReply

    Where's Free Birds? Because that movie looks damn good

  • Ethan | September 17, 2013 5:28 PMReply


  • Brett | September 17, 2013 5:03 PMReply

    Oh and From up on Poppy Hill

  • Brett | September 17, 2013 5:02 PMReply

    What about Turbo and My Little Pony Equestria Girls (Sure it was given a limited release were Amour, Cat in Paris, Illusionist, Chico and Rida, etc.)

  • BOO | September 15, 2013 8:11 PMReply

    The Wind Rises doesn't seem to have many people calling it a great Miyazaki movie. But There really aren't many good animated movies this year and it is his final film. Though if Brave can win maybe Monsters University can.

  • Salty Bill | September 15, 2013 5:53 PMReply

    When are they going to start doing NC-17-rated Adult CGI Animated Features? like a remake of Fritz The Cat, for instance, or something from Robert Crumb's oeuvre?

  • amaryllis | September 15, 2013 1:50 PMReply

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  • Abdullah | September 15, 2013 12:02 PMReply

    Bill Plympton's "Cheatin" looks really good! Though unfortunately it's most likely won't be nominated.