21 Titles Set for 2005 Berlinale Competition; 5 Out of Competition Films On Tap

by Eugene Hernandez

A scene from Bill Condon's "Kinsey," which will close the 2005 Berlinale.

A total of 21 films will screen in competition at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival. This year's Berlinale will run from February 10-20 in Germany. The event will open with Regis Wargnier's "Man to Man" and close with Bill Condon's "Kinsey."

The complete Berlinale Lineup:

"Anklaget" (Accused), directed Jacob Thuesen (Denmark)

"Asylum," directed by David Mackenzie (U.S., Ireland)

"De battre mon coeur s'est arête" (The Beat That My Heart Skipped), directed by Jacques Audiard (France)

"Gespenster" (Ghosts), directed by Christian Petzold (Germany)

"In Good Company," directed by Paul Weitz (U.S.)

"Kakushi ken-oni no tsume" (The Hidden Blade), directed by Yoji Yamada (Japan)

"Kong que" (Peacock), directed by u Changwei (China)

"Le promeneur du bhamp de mars," (The Walker of the Champ de Mars), directed by Robert Guediguian (France)

"Les mots bleu" (Words in Blue), directed by Alain Corneau (France)

"Les temps qui changent" (Changing Times), directed by Andre Techine (France)

"The Life Aquatic," directed by Wes Anderson (U.S.)

"Man to Man," directed by Regis Wargnier (France, U.K.)

"One Day in Europe," directed by Hannes Stoehr (Germany, Spain)

"Paradise Now," directed by Hany Abu-Assad (Netherlands, Germany, France)

"Provincia Meccanica," directed by Stefano Mordini (Italy)

"Solnze" (The Sun), directed by Aleksandr Sokurov (Russian Federation, Italy, France)

"Sometimes in April," directed by Raoul Peck (U.S.)

"Sophie Scholl," directed by Marc Rothemund (Germany)

"Tian bian yi duo yun" (The Wayward Cloud), directed by Tsai Ming-Liang (Taiwan, China, France)

"Thumbsucker," directed by Mike Mills (USA)

"U-Carmen eKhayelitsha" (Carmen in Khayelitsha), directed by Mark Dornford-May (South Africa)

Out of competition films:

"Heights," directed by Chris Terrio (U.S, U.K.)

"Hitch," directed by Andy Tennant (U.S.)

"Hotel Rwanda," directed by Terry George (U.K., South-Africa, Italy)

"Kinsey," directed by Bill Condon (U.S., Germany)

"Tickets," directed by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami and Ken Loach (Italy, U.K.)