The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Academy Foundation announced that it has granted $300,000 to 19 U.S. film festivals for their 2006 programming. The New York Film Festival will receive $30,000, the largest grant. Also receiving grants are the Chicago International Film Festival and San Francisco International Film Festival with $25,000 each; the Cleveland International Film Festival with $23,000; Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival with $22,500; the Austin Film Festival and the Chicago International Children's Film Festival with $20,000 each; the Maryland Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Native American Film and Video Festival, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, USA Film Festival and the Virginia Film Festival with $15,000 each; the RiverRun International Film Festival with $12,500; the Black Maria Film and Video Festival and the Boston Jewish Film Festival with $8,000 each; the African Diaspora Film and Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival with $6,000 each and the Cascade Festival of African Films with $4,000. [M.L. Liu]