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1. Tumblr: This article from Mashable has tips on how to create a meaningful advertising post Tumblr-Yahoo merger. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stated a goal to emphasize ads that are "meaningful and additive to the user experience." CollegeHumor succeeded in this approach while promoting their first original feature film "Coffee Town" by using GIFs in dashboard ads.

2. iPhone camera upgrade: Apple has just ushered a patent that could make the iPhone camera's colors more correct. The new phone camera system would use three separate sensors instead of one to create higher-resolution images with more color accuracy. Gizmodo has more details, plus a couple of diagrams.

3. Video Interviews: Mashable has a guide to why video interviews are becoming the future, and how to ace yours.

4. The future of TV: The fear of "cord-cutting," abandonment of television in favor of the Internet, may simply be hype. The results of multiple surveys show that there is "no significant difference" in traditional television consumption between Netflix subscribers and non-subscribers. In fact, those who subscribe to Netflix are more likely to shell out the money for premium networks like HBO and Showtime. Wired has the full details on why television and digital consumption may not be mutually exclusive.

5. iPlayer TV premieres: Speaking of the future of TV, BBC has announced that starting soon, their scripted BBC Three comedy shows will premiere on the BBC's streaming iPlayer service a week before they are broadcast on TV. TheNextWeb has the full story.