Fire TV

1. Amazon Fire TV: Amazon officially launched Fire TV, a streaming device that connects to HDTVs to allow you to watch streaming content on Hulu Plus, Netflix and other services. Fire TV goes head-to-head with Apple TV, Roku and other streaming devices on the market. Amazon claims that the small set-top box is three times as powerful as an Apple TV or Roku. "We're selling millions of streaming media devices on ... we hear what's working, we hear what's not working," Amazon's Vice President in charge of Kindle Peter Larsen told reporters during the news announcement today. One big plus to the new service? It allows you to watch Prime Instant Video, something you can't do on Apple TV. On the downside, it lacks HBO Go and Vudu.

2. AOL Gets Steve Buscemi: Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") has sold his unscripted web series, "Park Bench" to AOL. The series will feature Buscemi as he talks to everyday New Yorkers and famous friends on a park bench throughout New York City. Read more about it here.

3. Indies to Watch on VOD: We survey the landscape of indies to watch on VOD during April, including "Joe," "Blue Ruin," "Filth" and more. Read the full list here.

4. "Under the Skin" Camera: In our interview with "Under the Skin" DP Daniel Landin, he discusses One Cam, the tiny camera which was created so the filmmakers could remain incognito during the on-the-sly production. Read the interview here.

5. Female-Driven Web Series: We survey the landscape of web series and highlight 10 female-driven web series that could be the next "Broad City." Check it out here.