Metallica: Through The Never

1. Cinematography: The ASC Awards, which will be handed out tomorrow, are now a yearly status quo update on the film vs. digital debate. Much like the films at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the ASC Awards are now largely dominated by digitally shot films. Read what the ASC-nominated cinematographers shot on here.

2. Philip Bloom: Filmmaker Philip Bloom is holding a Master Class at the second annual Filmgate Interactive Festival in Miami this week. Indiewire talked to him about his camera reviews and how he balances corporate work with independent projects. Read all about it here.

3. Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime might soon become Amazon Pricey, as the web company might raise the cost of the Prime service by $20 to $40 per year (up from the $79 current price), said CFO Tom Szkutak, on the company's fourth-quarter earnings call yesterday. Amazon has been investing in more original content in an effort to compete more aggressively with Netflix, but Szkutak said that had nothing to do with the rising cost. "Certainly video, Prime Instant Video, we are investing [in] very heavily, and so those are certainly costly. Those aren’t the reasons for the price increases that were contemplating," he said.

4. GoPro: Up until now, GoPro has been known primarily for its small, affordable cameras that enable both amateur and professional filmmakers to capture the action. But The New York Times reports that GoPro, which already has a sizable following on YouTube, plans to focus less on producing hardware and more on distribution the content created with its cameras.

5. iTunes: "12 O'Clock Boys," the documentary about Baltimore dirt bike cruisers, hits theaters today, but it's also available on iTunes.  Also new to iTunes this week: "Metallica Through the Never," albeit not in 3D.