What not to watch for Valentine's Day: Lars von Trier's "Antichrist."
Image courtesy of IFC Films What not to watch for Valentine's Day: Lars von Trier's "Antichrist."

1. Comcast-Time Warner Deal: We wrote about the proposed Comcast purchase of Time Warner Cable yesterday, but today we contemplated what the deal would mean for content creators and for film fans and other consumers. Read our take here.

2. Criterion Collection: The Criterion Collection is dedicated to restoring countless classic films to provide them with a look that matches the level of their captivating stories. Gizmodo features a video which allows us to see how the Criterion Collection's technical director Lee Kline and his team of editors and restorers perform the remastering on a number of films. Read more about it here.

3. Netflix: Season two of Netflix's "House of Cards" arrived in full last night at 3:01am ET and our TV editor Alison Willmore has been busy binge viewing. Read her spoiler-filled preview of the season ahead here (you've been warned about spoilers twice now).

4. BitTorrent Live: After roughly a year of beta testing, the first application built using BitTorrent Live will be coming soon, BitTorrent announced on their blog today. BitTorrent Live allows you to broadcast to massive audiences, without bandwidth drain. "Live is a peer-to-peer streaming technology that’s based on BitTorrent principles. It’s built to remove bandwidth, cost, and infrastructure as barriers to streaming. It’s also designed to solve for breakage. BitTorrent Live is built for big stories. The more people that tune in, the more resilient the stream," said the company in the post. The company plans to introduce the first Alpha product based on the technology: a new mobile streaming application, later this year. Stay tuned!

5. Stream These: It's not exactly a tech story, but heck, it's Valentine's Day and we've got an awesome list of the 10 Worst Date Movies you can stream in honor of the holiday for lovers.