1. Editing "Nebraska:" StudioDaily.com talked to Alexander Payne's longtime editor Kevin Tent, who edited "Nebraska" using Avid Media Composer. Payne shot the comedy digitally using the ARRI Alexa, a first for the director. Tent talks about editing the film in black and white and how Payne adapted to working in digital. Payne "cut his own short films back at UCLA, so he understands the process, but when I first showed him the Avid and what it could do, he was an instant convert. In fact, he'll often say, 'God bless the Avid.' We both love it and it blows me away with the sheer amount of footage it can handle," Trent told StudioDaily.com. Read the full story here.

2. A new Paradigm for LittleCast: Paradigm Talent Agency has partnered with LittleCast, a startup who lets content creators sell video directly through Facebook and mobile apps. "Partnering with a leading entertainment talent powerhouse like Paradigm will drastically cut the time it takes LittleCast to create relationships with emerging and successful content owners and creators, develop unique tailored marketing strategies based on our platform, and grow our user base," said Amra Tareen, co-founder and CEO, LittleCast, in a statement. "We see momentum within Hollywood shifting more toward the use of platforms like ours, and savvy agencies like Paradigm are leading the way."

3. Mindie: Launching today, Mindie is like Vine in that it allows you to create short videos, but in this case, you get seven seconds (compared to Vine's six seconds). You also have the option of selecting a soundtrack to go with the video. "It'll be interesting to see if the creative types who have helped make Vine so successful take to the added musical dimension, or whether it’s just taken up by lip-syncing teenagers," writes The Next Web.

4. Vice and BitTorrent: Vice and BitTorrent are continuing their partnership with plans for Vice Media to create song bundles, short films and media with musicians, The Wrap reports. The two companies recently partnered on "Art For Freedom," an online global initiative to support freedom of expression. Created by Madonna, the initiative was curated by VICE and distributed by BitTorrent.

5. Penn Jillette Crowdfunds: Penn Jillette has been trying to raise money for his film project, "Director's Cut" on Donald Trump's crowdfunding site, FundAnything, and he's enlisted some celebrity friends to help him The actor-magician wrote the film, which -- if it can raise enough money -- will be directed by Adam Rifkin and produced by Jillette, Rifkin, and Jillette's manager Peter Golden. Jillette wants to play a bad guy and is asking celeb friends like Ben Stiller, Teller, Joan Rivers, Neil Patrick Harris and Trey Parker and Matt Stone to "Make Penn Bad." Watch the funny videos they made on Penn's behalf.