Ender's Game
"Ender's Game"

1. Free Digital Movies: Trying to steal some of iTunes and Amazon's thunder, Target has gotten into the streaming movie business via their new Target Ticket service. They've got an amazing deal going on now. If you sign up for Target Ticket, you can get 10 free digital downloads. They even have a whole section devoted to indie film. Check it out here.

2. Ender's Game: Fans can now create their own 3D replicas from "Ender's Game," thanks to a new 3D print creation app from Sandboxr, a 3D print and software development company. Using the app, fans will be able to create and bring home exclusive replica battleships from the film generated by cutting-edge three-dimensional printing technology. Check it out here.

3. Google Film Festival: The Unofficial Google+ Film Festival (UGPFF) will launch its three day online and interactive festival worldwide this December 13th. The festival, which is the first international film festival to simultaneously audiences with online and offline screenings around the world, will be available through Google+  and feature a variety of film blocks, industry panel discussions and interactive Q&A's with filmmakers from the curated selection of new short films and web series. Read more about it here.


Magisto: Video editing startup Magisto just closed on a new $13 million round of funding, according to VentureBeat. The Magisto app lets you edit your videos, add music, themes and effects and create mini-movies. Of course, there's also a social media component so you can share your videos with friends and family.

5. Anti-Piracy: Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko said that Sony Pictures Television is investigating ways to combat piracy, Variety reports. “There is a lot of apathy is the United States” surrounding this issue,” Mosko said while speaking at NYC Television Week. “One of my main goals over the next 12 months is to raise awareness of this issue." If nothing is done to prevent piracy, it “is going to kick us in the gut financially down the road," said Mosko. Read the full story here.

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