Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity."
Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity."

1. The physics of "Gravity:" Even fans of "Gravity" have to admit that the physics don't make much sense. A former NASA engineer (and father of our own Eric Kohn) provides 8 deeply geeky reasons why the physics of "Gravity" are all wrong. But that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the movie! Read his reasons here.

2. Cameo: Do we really need a new video app? After all, we've got Vine and Instagram Video and countless other applications that are turning all of us into filmmakers (or at least wannabe filmmakers). Now Cameo has launched a new free video app promising to do for videos what Instagram has done for photos. But what sets Cameo apart from the other video apps? Read about the new app here.

3. From Tweet to TV: Live television and live tweeting go hand in hand these days, and now Comcast, NBC Universal and Twitter have joined together in a strategic partnership to make it easier for Twitter users to check out the shows that keep popping up in their feed. The first step of the partnership is a Comcast engineered feature called "See It," which will allow Xfinity TV customers to access movies, sports and NBCUniversal shows directly from a tweet. Read the full story here.

4. Netflix Goes Brazilian: In an effort to expand their subscriber base in Latin America, Netflix will distribute Matheus Souza's "Apenas o fim" in Brazil. The film won a local contest to pick a Brazilian film for distribution through Netflix worldwide, according to Variety. Brazil is currently Netflix's top market in Latin America. Read the full story here.

5. Online video: 78% of online adults watch or download video online, up from 69% in 2009, according to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Omnibus Study. "The introduction of video-sharing site YouTube in 2005, and later other video-sharing sites like Vimeo, has been the driving force in the increasing percentage of online adults who post, watch and download videos. Since we first began measuring use of these sites in 2006, the percent of online adults using video-sharing sites has grown from 33% to the current figure of 72%," the study concluded. Read the findings of the study here.

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