Cheap Thrills
"Cheap Thrills"

1. Netflix: Netflix, which reportedly accounts for nearly 30% of all Internet traffic during peak traffic, recently sealed a deal with Comcast to ensure faster and steadier access to Comcast's subscribers. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently said he is concerned about the precedent the deal is setting. On a company blog post, Hastings wrote: "Some big ISPs are extracting a toll because they can -- they effectively control access to millions of consumers and are willing to sacrifice the interests of their own customers to press Netflix and others to pay. Read more about the news here.

2. Twitter: Happy Birthday, Twitter! In honor of the social media service's 8th birthday, Mashable lists the 10 Most-Followed Twitter Accounts. Don't you find it a little depressing that President Obama comes in third after Katy Perry and Justine Bieber? At least he tops Lady Gaga, who is in the fourth spot. See the full list here.

3. "Cheap Thrills:" The twisted dark comedy "Cheap Thrills" hits theaters and VOD platforms today and now, in partnership with the film's distributor Drafthouse Films, BitTorrent has unveiled "The Cheap Thrills" Bundle. By sharing the website on Twitter, stars Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, producer Travis Stevens and Drafthouse Films CEO Tim League will be one step closer to having to execute one of the many electrifying acts as part of a "Share to Dare" campaign. Once they are "unlocked" by a set number of social media shares, video and photographic evidence will be released. Read more about the news here.

4. Kickstarter: Usually when filmmakers turn to crowdfunding, they're looking for backing to make a film, but in the case of veteran indie director Alexandre Rockwell ("In The Soup"), he turned to Kickstarter after his latest film "Little Feet" was picked up for distribution. The catch is that the distribution deal is contingent on Rockwell being able to pay for music rights as well as other post-production expenses. Rockwell is trying to raise the $35,000 necessary through his recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Read more here.

5. iPhone App: A new iPhone app honors Sarah Jones, the camera assistant who died last month on the set of "Midnight Rider." As part of the "Slates for Sarah" campaign, film professionals from around have been memorializing Jones by marking their production camera slates with "For Sarah Jones", "For Sarah", and "RIP Sarah." Now the MovieSlate app has added a feature where you can remember Sarah by adding your own message to a clapper stick. Read more about it here.