The Double, Jesse Eisenberg
Magnolia Pictures "The Double"

1. BitTorrent Bundle: "Tough Bond," the gritty and unsettling documentary about four youths in Kenya made its ITunes debut last week. Taking it up a notch, BitTorrent released a bundle complete with a song download, clips, extras and more. 

2. Gosnell. Married filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have pulled it off - their narrative film "Gosnell" broke the record for most funds raised for a film by a non-celebrity on Indiegogo at 2.1 million dollars. This makes it the third most successful film campaign in crowdfunding history, beating out Spike Lee's 2013 record of 1.4 million. The narrative centers on the story of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, sentenced to life in prison in 2013 for first degree murder. The filmmakers' goal? "To do what Hollywood and mainstream media won't." 

3. iTunes Indies. The list of top 10 indie movie buys and rentals got two new additions this week: see two Jesse Eisenbergs in "The Double" and a new group of blood-loving teens in "Vampire Academy." Interestingly, the film at the top of this indie list, grossed the least (in North America) - check it out here. 

4. Gif Movie Posters. There's a new spin on some iconic movie posters - literally. Featuring spinning backgrounds, negative space usage, and essential two-second shots, a selection of moving movie posters were uploaded to Imgur this week. Some might be better than others, but that's for you to decide. 

5. FilmChatter. Poised to pinpoint important Twittersations, FilmChatter is the latest social media monitor, aiming to compile interesting film conversations. It'll look like a list of top 10 tweets, probably all sharing traits like informative, poignant, funny or intriguing. Take a look at the the first one and join in the conversation!