1. Tribeca Film Festival: The Tribeca Film Festival will launch "Tribeca Interactive & Interlude: A Music Film Challenge in collaboration with The Lincoln Motor Company," a new contest for digital storytellers to create interactive music films, the festival announced today. The contest is part of TFF's broader efforts to new initiatives that bridge filmmaking and technology. Read more about it and find out how to enter here.

2. IndieGogo: Kickstarter has been the leader in crowdfunding thus far, but Indiegogo might be giving the site a run for its (crowdfunded) money. Indiegogo announced today that it has raised $40 million in a series B round of venture financing, intended to accelerate the company's growth, The New York Times reports.

3. Sundance Films: Missed this year's Sundance Film Festival? No worries, now Sundance Film Festival 2014 has its own channel over at Go Watch It. If you sign up, Go Watch It will notify you when Sundance Film Festival titles become available in theaters or on digital platforms.

4. How They Shot That: Speaking of Sundance, we asked this year's Sundance filmmakers what cameras they used to shoot their films and here are their responses.

5. "Lust for Love:" Gravitas Ventures will release Anton King's "Lust for Love," featuring a group of Joss Whedon alums, on VOD and other digital platforms on Friday, February 7. The romantic comedy, which raised more than $101,000 on Kickstarter, features Franz Kanz, Dichen Lachman and Beau Garrett.