Some Velvet Morning,  Stanley Tucci

1. Indies on VOD: It's December, which means we've got another list of indies to watch on VOD during the month, including new films from Neil LaBute and Joe Swanberg. Check out the full list here.

2. Sony Digital 4K: Sony has launched a new 4K projector aimed specifically at smaller theaters and independent cinema owners. The SRX-R510P aims to make the 4K experience accessible to a wider audience. It will be available in Europe beginning in February 2014. "Detail matters for every patron, and Sony 4K makes perfect commercial sense for every size of screen," said David McIntosh, VP at Sony Digital Cinema Europe, in a statement. "The extraordinary buzz that our groundbreaking SRX-515P has already generated in the market has made smaller theaters clamor for an economical 4K solution. The SRX-510P makes true 4K even more accessible -- without compromising all-important picture quality that's made Sony Digital Cinema the world-leading 4K choice for exhibitors worldwide." No word yet on when it will be available in the U.S.

3. Sundance on iTunes: iTunes and Sundance institute's #Artist Services have partnered to promote the "Sundance room," which features curated hits from the past 30 years of Sundance. All #ArtistServices titles, including 2013 self-distribution hits "BURN" and "Upstream Color," are on sale here.

4. TNT Tweets "Mob City:" TNT is using an experimental approach to promote "Mob City," a new three-week miniseries. The cable net is adapting and publishing the script via Twitter at the handle @MobCityTNT. Read more about it here.

5. Fort McMoney: Film meets video game with "Fort McMoney," a documentary game by David Dufresne. The free docugame provides an interactive tour of Fort McMurray, Alberta and the complex issues that surround the region's oil refinery ventures. It's "a very complicated world, a very secret world, a city of complexities," Dufresne told The New York Times.