Michael J White And 'Generation Iron' Director Vlad Yudin
Michael J White And 'Generation Iron' Director Vlad Yudin

1. Madonna Goes BitTorrent: A short film co-directed by Madonna with Steven Klein will be distributed by BitTorrent via a new format, BitTorrent Bundle. The 17 minute-film, "secretprojectrevolution," will launch "Art For Freedom," an online global initiative to support freedom of expression. Read more about the project here.

2. Red Bull in Space: Rdio, the digital music service, will present Red Bull Media House's new documentary film, "Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story of Red Bull Stratos." The film will make its world premiere exclusively on Rdio, available to stream for free for three months, beginning on October 14.

3. Online piracy: A new report from NetNames funded by NBCUniversal shows that internet piracy continues to be a huge problem and is on the upswing. The report found that 327 million unique Internet users “explicitly sought” infringing content during January 2013, an increase of almost 10% from November, 2011, and representing 25.9% of the total Internet user population in the three regions-- North America, Europe and Asia, Variety reports.

4. TIFF on Twitter: Kristine Stewart, head of Twitter in Canada, tweeted that TIFF saw 156,000 mentions on Twitter this year, vs. 82,000 last year. "That's up 90% from TIFF12."

5. Generation Iron: Hulu has nabbed exclusive digital rights to the feature-length documentary "Generation Iron," about seven body builders competing for the title of Mr. Olympia, Variety reports. Mickey Rourke narrates the doc, which will be released in theaters Friday and available on Hulu on December 17. 

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